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Politics, politics, politics, a boring subject right? An undesirable, boring subject that most youth just don’t have interest in.

Now I for one, I am one young person who is so into politics and it’s amazing. I mean considering my age, who would have thought. Like I stated on one of my articles, now that I’m 18, I am really looking forward to the coming elections so I cast my first ever vote. So excited I must add.
We don’t need rocket scientists to tell us that more than 80% of the youth in Botswana are just not interested in politics.

They are just not bothered when it comes to such issues, of course there are some who are interested in politics, but this is a small number compared to those who are not. Now I’m very concerned with this and I hope that this mentality will stop.

So I ask you, the youth of Botswana, why are you  not interested in politics? Is it the youth, is it the people who are already into politics (our elders), what is it really? And what do you think can be done to increase the involvement of youth in politics?

I think that one factor that has contributed to the lack of interest of youth in politics is the trend of old people dominating politics. We all know that nowadays when people retire, they turn to politics and they just don’t give the youth a chance to shine in these affairs. So I believe this has resulted in youth shying away from politics.

I mean we grew up seeing only old people being involved in politics and so some of us actually thought that this is the way it has to be and that only old people are allowed to be politicians.
It is clear that youth are needed in order for our country to move forward, without youth involvement in politics, Botswana will forever be stationary in it’s current state. I know nowadays banana ba a thinyathinya (youth are slowly getting interested in politics) but not much is being done to insure that our involvement in politics is increased.

Howeve I think our country’s politics is not interesting enough.

I mean it’s always easy to predict which party is going to win and rule the country. Now if we keep having all these small parties (some of them we hear about them at the polling stations) and one big party, the same party is always going to win. It’s better we have two parties, maybe then we will get a bit of action. Until then the ruling party will forever be relaxed as they know they got this under their belt. This is another thing that I think contributes to the lack of interest of youth in politics, we are just bored. I asked a well known motswana youth Paphani Masalila what he thought was the cause for minimum involvement of Batswana youth in politics and this is what he had to say:

“Firstly politics in Botswana is seen as selo sa bagolo, I mean we as the youth have not been given a chance to sit with the elders and discuss hard pressing issues. This is something that is embedded in our culture gore bana ga ba nke ba kopana le bagolo. For one to be in a respectable position within a political party they have to have passed through the youth league first or o tla tsena fa mogolo a lapile (or you’ll get the position when an elderly person has retired).

The other reason why youth find it hard or really have no interest in politics is for the mere reason that our politicians have gone into politics for the wrong reasons. For a country like ours it’s hard to find someone who wants to make a difference without crushing someone else. We recently saw the ruling party go through something that we never thought could happen, people leaving the party because of the power struggle.

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Valentine Butale

Hey Tshepo! I agree with you that youth have been exposed to old politicians in our country thus decreasing their interest in politics. Infact me and a friend of mine were just talking about this issue this afternoon. I, as a unit of the youth population, believe that Botswana’s politics is still not as deveoped as that of other countries. Here it seems that politicians want to be elected into office for status and the lucrative title instead of for the shear drive to achieve a goal set by themselves and the community they represent. If some do actually serve… Read more »


The problem is not our leaders, it is the youth’s failure to vote & stand for elections. If the politician puts his or her interests ahead of the community they represent we as the youth should then vote them out. Not voting means our mis- informed elders will vote for the same person again & then d youth will blame Politics though they are the root cause of the problem. Lets get involved in Politics & Liberate the political landscape.

4ty 7even

Bangwe ba mapalamente ba sala ba tsena mo teng e le banana, le jaanong ba santse ba le mo teng. Ba tsofalela mo palamenteng ya rona mme ga ba isiwe malapeng ba ya go itheetsa. Jaanong rona banana re tla dira eng ka gore le fa o ka leka wa tlhoma ka tlhogo, koo ga se ko go yang Banana. Its just like that, plain and simple. I wish they cud get a few number of young people there,so that they cud guide otherz ga bagodi ba tlhokafala. You get ma point?


Nna ke dumela gore mo kgolong ya rona rele batswana gotswa ko goo-lowe gare ise re itse gore mogolo o kgona go fosa,jjanong we cant blame the youth but botsadi jwa rona jwa pele, the generation that came befor us eleng batsadi ba rona,ha bane barutwa gore molao ontse jang bae ba rutelwa gore ba o hitisetse ko dikokomaneng gore MOGOLO GAA FOSE lefaa a fositse gao moreye sepe.
So our coutry does not hav a history of its own it time we make our own history as youth of Botswana


The laws of Botswana are vague and ambigiuos and at times hipocratical when it comes to politics. There is this oral tradition that is passed from generation to generation about the civil servants not being allowed to take part in political activities.And it is common knowledge that the youth constitute a particularly big proportion of the civil service. On the other hand we see, every day, our senior civil servants quit their jobs to join BDP political arena. Then you ask yourself, when did they all of a sudden become so active as to be appointed specially elected mps etc.… Read more »