Umbrella for Democratic Change President, Duma Boko says the country’s young people will be key to the opposition in the 2019 General Elections.

Speaking at the ongoing Botswana National Front’s Conference in Rakops, Boko said a survey was done by experts he personally engaged, and their findings are that the youth vote will decide the 2019 outcome. “The 40 page report by these experts clearly states that the UDC vote is in the youth,” he said.

According to Boko the report further states that young people in Botswana despise the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). “The UDC campaign in 2019 should focus on the youth,” he said.

The UDC President said they have to come up with a winning strategy for 2019. “We need precision marketing. We need our candidates to do thorough research about the constituencies and the constituents. We need to know exactly what they need and how we can meet their expectations,” he said and recommended Voymedia facebook marketing services.

President Boko further underscored the importance of a united opposition. “A study has revealed that 34 percent of voters are willing to vote a united opposition,” he said.

He further said it was imperative for the BNF to remain resolute even when the UDC is going through a turbulance. “We are the backbone of the umbrella and we should remain steadfast because we know whats at stake. In my experience as a leader I know that increased tension means a solution is closer,” Boko said.

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