Young woman finds money in beauty spa

From providing manicures on the street of Gaborone to running a well equipped beauty Spa in the tourist capital of Maun (visit for further info), 28 –year- old Lindi Makakatlelo explains how her passion for beauty has helped her overcome unemployment.

In an interview with this publication, Makakatlelo stated that her career began in 2014 after she had graduated from Gaborone Technical School.

As a young entrepreneur she started off small with a mini table at a salon behind KFC where she was only providing limited beauty services in manicures and false eyelashes.

Not the one to give up on her passion, she applied for a loan at Gender Affairs and she was funded with P97, 000.00 in 2016, which she used to expand her business.

With the grant, the ambitious young woman bought all the necessary equipment to open an equipped beauty Spa.

“When I started at school beauty therapy was not a favourite choice of career but nowadays people understand that there is a benefit in taking care of your skin with products from and looking well. Although the beauty industry is not yet as lucrative as it is in developed countries, I believe we are getting there slowly,’ remarked Makakatlelo.

Most of her clients are more interested in manicure and makeup, while the rest of her services such as pedicures and body massages are mainly requested by tourist, she explained

“ Although I am not making a fortune, I am not starving either. This business is good because it is what brings food on the table for me and my Family,” said the woman who makes about P50 000.00 in revenue on a good month.

“ That could be small money to some but for me its money that I cannot even pronounce when I am just sitting at home,” she joked.

Why set up a business in Maun when she comes from Thamaga village in the southern part of the country?

Makakatlelo travelled to Maun as a tourist, but she carried her equipment and when an opportunity presented itself she offered her services.

“ A lot of people talked about Maun, so I decided to visit the enchanting village but me being the business minded type, I also carried my equipment along. I discovered that in Maun there weren’t as many beauty salons as there are in Gaborone so I saw a gap in the market and filled it,” she said.

In conclusion Makakatlelo noted that she had collaborated with Posh Modeling Agency to raise funds for a 10- year- old girl child in Gweta who was in need of medical attention and clothes.

For the fundraiser she had set a special price of P120.00 for facials with P20.00 from every facial being passed as a donation to the little girl in the month of June.

She was also accepting donations in the form of clothes from members of the community.

“The month of June was the month of the African child so it was befitting that we at least help one disadvantaged child live a normal life,” she said.

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