KILLER SMILE: Kungo relaxed at home

Being a career woman, a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, can be a bit daunting especially if one has a demanding job.

But getting one’s priorities right and being organized can make life a lot more easier and enjoyable.

One woman who seems to have found a perfect balance between juggling the boardroom and home life  is none other than  Kungo Lentswe, the Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority, Acting Director of Export Enterprises  and  Deputy Director of Public Relations and Communication, who is always glammed up and looking great  for the boardroom, but knows how to kick back and relax with her family.

Last Sunday afternoon, I visited Kungo at her home in the posh suburb of Phakalane and what a beautiful, well furnished home she shares with her husband and two daughters!

Although she had agreed on the interview, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt as I stepped in to disturb Kungo’s quality time with her two daughters, Sebaga 5 and four- year Sebilo.
“Weekend is family time and I always make sure that I strengthen my family bond. My husband will be home soon from the farm so we can finish off the weekend as one happy family,” she says with a smile that betrays how much she adores the man in her life while her daughters jostle for mummy’s attention.

A little nugget gleaned from the discussion with this successful career woman whose star is definitely on the rise as she spoke of how she tackles work at the office and always avoids taking it home.
“Office work remains where it belongs; in the office because I wouldn’t want to disturb my family time with office work. I however spend long hours in the office from Monday to Wednesday. Thursday and Friday after work is time for my friends because they also play an important role in my life, so spending time with them means a lot to us,’’ she said.

How does she handle work related travel away from her family.
“I have a very loving and supportive husband who always makes sure that kids are well taken care of whether I am around or not. I am also surrounded by people whom I can trust with the kids when I am away so I never have sleepless nights when I am not with them.” she says

As we talk I cannot help but admire Kungo’s beautiful white, even teeth, which accentuate her natural beauty by giving her that perfect smile as well as her flawless skin.
Responding to my compliment, Kungo said, “I spent a small fortune on my teeth to make them what they are now and same goes for my skin. Growing up in Palapye, my teeth were brownish because of the water and I had acne on my face. Inside I  felt very beautiful but what I saw in the mirror did not reflect what I felt inside, so I had to do something to align my inner beauty with my outer looks, and now I feel beautiful inside out thanks to the Clear Away Acne products.’’

MUMMY’S LITTLE GIRLS: Kungo with her daugthers Sebaga and Sebilo

She sought the services of a dentist to clean, cot and level her teeth and a dermatologist (doctor of the skin) to treat her skin and make it blemish free.
“After these operations what I felt inside radiated on the outside and I felt even more confident. I may have spent a fortune then but now I use normal products used by other women for both my teeth and my skin because these were once off operations,’’ she says , flashing that kill smile again.

But has she ever used her beauty to get what she wants?
“Am I beautiful, I didn’t know,’’ she teases.  “Anyway I don’t believe in that. What I believe in is sheer hard work for one to progress in life. At the moment I am studying for my Master’s degree, and that with my hard work should take me somewhere and nothing else. If I may bring something to your attention, my boss at BEDIA was a woman so there was no way I could have used my beauty on her.”

Kungo however admits that she has used her charm to get her way in negotiations.
“If I am buying something which I feel can be negotiated down, I use my skills and natural charm and I always win. Part of my job is to sell Botswana to the outside world and that charm can come in handy at times,’ she says.

YOUNG AND GROOVY: A younger Kungo

Like most women Kungo must have a weakness for shopping, buying shoes and handbags, after all a glamorous woman like her can always do with a perfect pair of shoes and a handbag to finish the look.
“Of course I love shopping but my weakness is in perfumes. I love smelling good and have no problem in investing in an expensive one,’’ she said, letting slip that she once spent P3500 on a bottle of perfume.

 Kungo’s other secret to a healthy lifestyle is a well balanced diet.
“I eat an avocado not because I like it but simply because it’s good for my health and skin. When I have visitors I also make sure that I serve them good healthy and well balanced food. That is why I have also invested a lot in kitchen utensils to make sure that I have everything I need for cooking,’’ she says as I finish my fruit juice and say my goodbyes.

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