You are not a candidate for bail
BEHIND THE BARS: Olemogile Ndatha Shimane

Judge tells man supected of hacking cops with an axe

A man suspected to have hacked two police officers with an axe on the head at Lepokole village was recently sent back to jai to wait for trial.

The 25-year-old Olemogile Ndatha Shimane is alleged to have followed Special Constable Tirelo Maroba to work where he took his handcuffs and used them to cuff him before hacking him on the head several times.

Shimane then allegedly followed another cop, Sergeant Sipho Sekopa who was about a kilometer away and chopped him with an axe too on the head multiple times.

The incident took place on June 27, 2017 and both officers survived.

According to the charge sheet, on that day still in Lepokole village Shimane who seemed to have been on rampage allegedly assaulted Grace Piet by hitting her with a stone on the forehead causing her bodily harm.

He is also accused of unlawfully wounding Nametsegang Boitumelo by stabbing him with a knife causing him stab wounds on the left breast and on the head.

When asking for bail, Shimane promised the court that he would behave himself from now going forward.

“I promise that if the court grants me bail I would stay far from the victims and I hear they have been relocated.

“I have reformed so I will also help with fighting crime in the village. My worship I plead for bail, since I was arrested I have not been granted bail and I have already spent two years in jail,” he said.

However Judge Lot Moroka before denying Shimane bail simply told him, “You are not a candidate for bail.”

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