Yarona boss embarrasses Bonang's Pinky
Yarona boss embarrasses Bonang's Pinky

Although it reportedly cost them a pretty penny, Shaya must commend Yarona FM for capturing the services of South African sensation, Bonang Matheba.

Queen B added that extra touch of glamour and star quality to the YAMAS.

Shaya might have fallen in love but I guess that’s a story for a different day.

Anyway, during her short stay in BW, Bonang was filming scenes for Season 3 of her popular reality show, ‘Being Bonang’ and was accompanied by her best friend and cousin, Pinky Mekgwe to the YAMAS gig.

Mekgwe, however, had a slight altercation with one of the Yarona FM bosses, who refused to make way for her.

Shaya overheard the conversation between Pinkygirl, this buff-looking boss and the ushers as they tried in vain to convince him to give up his seat to the South African reality star.

Pinky eventually gave up and moved to sit next to local feleb, Tumi Modise instead.

Now, what kind of host are you? I hope you have mended your relationship otherwise
no more Bonang for Yarona FM.

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