This past weekend was a journey and a half, a 20km journey to be exact!  The weather was cool and cloudy Saturday morning, and numbers of people came out to part take in this walk, in the name of honor and charity. 

Y Care Charitable Trust is a charity organization that aims to raise funds for developments of community projects around Botswana. This organization has been in existence since 2005 and is well known for it’s out of world experience that is dubbed the ‘’moonlight walk’’ in the Makgadikgadi Pans. 

The NGO enables its sponsors to experience scenic parts of Botswana that they may never visit in their lifetime. The distances can be as short as 20km (which I took part in) and as long as 150km over a 3day stretch.

DETERMINED: Walkers braved the scotching sun

 The other major goal for these walks is to build a higher level of character, promoting teamwork, endurance and overall self-growth. 

The walk this past weekend was a tribute to a visionary, humanitarian, iconic media guru, The Voice newspaper publisher and chief Executive Officer (CEO) Botlhoko Beata Kasale- Kabango. 

IN LOVING MEMORY: The walk was in honour of Mma Kasale

A life thoroughly lived. Words cannot describe how complex and phenomenal this woman was.  She was “mama” to me and also a mother of the nation to many. 

One of my fondest memories, close to my heart growing up, is sitting besides her while she had her reading glasses on and face glued the computer screen typing away. There would be music playing in the background loud enough to enjoy, while sipping on a glass of wine or two. 

For hours and hours we would sit there together at this point the calm protest of not going to sleep from my end has long been over, and now were just enjoying each other’s company chatting away and embracing moments of silence, until the sun came out in most instances. 

Constant talks of future plans, adventure, dreaming big and reaching self-potential and growing others was all she spoke of. She was street smart with adequate integrity. I listened and observed her ethics, while making sure her iced water kept flowing through out the night for this was a must on the table! 

Fairly understanding what her job entailed, at that age there was no way of grasping the magnitude of the different powerful roles she played because it seemed so effortless through my eyes. One day she would be living and camping in the CKGR advocating for rights with the Basarwa tribe, the next she would be having a chat with then President Festus Mogae. Treating none more special than the other, because that’s just how she was.

Beata lived a single lifetime of many combined. She has definitely made her mark in this world and left a legacy behind- equipped.  It is an honour to have loved her unconditionally and a greater one to grow vicariously through her. I can only hope and strive to leave such a mark in this word, in this lifetime.

CIRCLE PRAYER: Team work makes the dream work

This weekend was a reminder of the many roles she played and the lives touched. Talking to a few Y-Care Members about what she meant to them and how this walk was inspired.

ENTHUSIASTIC: Loretta Mekgwa

Q: How long have you been walking with Y Care?

A: I joined as a support member 3years ago but have been walking with them for 6 years.

Q: Why this cause?

A: To honour Aus. B, she gave back so much to so many, which was inspiring. We also get to give back to the community that she cared for deeply. 

Q: What did Beata mean to you?

A: Aus. B was like a mother to me, she was my mentor, its only fitting to continue her legacy- humanitarian.

Q: Next year’s expectations?

A:  Bigger and better numbers, perhaps an afternoon activity. She loved entertaining.

MOTIVATED: George Kgaofelo

Q: How long have you been walking with Y Care?

A: 6 years.

Q: Why this cause?

A: It’s a way to give back to the community, been doing so since my form 3, by joining clubs such as Youth against Aids, Cancer association and Red Cross. The trips and adventures are fun!

Q: What did Aus. B mean to you?

A:  I just knew she aided a lot to the organization, glad to hear about her and continue to know about her through this annually. 

Q: Next years expectations?

A: A bigger program and numbers. An additional 20km would be great too!

INSPIRED: Sheila Molale

Q: How long have you been walking with Y Care?

A:  14 Years

Q: Why this cause?

A:  It’s a way of giving back to the community, a way to honor a fallen hero and to show gratitude. She appreciated and loved this peaceful farm, that’s why we chose to walk around it. 

Q: What did Beata mean to you?

A: She was my first sponsor and will always be. 

Q: Next years expectations?

A:  Build a bigger clientele and support.  More walks in the city to explore its beauties would be amazing!

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