‘WUC is cheating us’

Mochudi businessman cries foul over WUC billing system

Claiming to have already paid over P4 000.00 after water was disconnected from his residence and business plots by the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC), 72-year-old David Aphiri says the corporation is cheating customers through its unscrupulous billing system.

“They have disconnected water at my two properties on countless occasions though they have never explained how I could amass a bill of P5 314.56 in one month and P8 438.10 the following month without a detected leak in the water pipe,” said an upset Aphiri in an interview at The Voice offices in Gaborone last week.

Aphiri, who says he is at wit’s end with the method WUC uses to bill its customers said he started noticing discrepancies in his water bills in 2011 when he queried the charges but was never given an explanation as to how the water rationing body arrived at the figures.

Asked whether he had demanded proof of his consumption, Aphiri, who claimed that he has close to ten months living off the grid since he bought water storage tanks for both his properties, produced some documents, which he claimed to have gotten from WUC.

According to the documents, in July 2016, Aphiri was charged P1042. 50 for the consumption of 38 kilolitres of water while the following month’s bill, which reflected a consumption of 39 kilolitres of water was charged at P521.25.

“I want to understand how this could be possible,” said a visibly disgruntled Aphiri.

The distressed old man said the corporation continues to cheat people because no one is speaking out about the exploitation, which he purported, is a common occurrence throughout the country.

“I know I will never get my money back but I need this to stop, I have lost business because of WUC’s discrepancies,” he said, referring to one of his two properties where he operates Notwane Bar, a 34-year-old establishment at Mochudi’s Boseja Ward.

WUC Senior Communications and Public Relations Officer, Khumo Mugibelo said there is an intricate process involved in calculating client’s bills adding that there is no possibility of wrongly charging customers.

“We cannot cheat clients, sometimes we make estimates looking at the average water consumption from previous meter readings and we have measures in place to assist in cases where it happens that a client has been overcharged,” he said.

Mugibelo also said the corporation expects any queries regarding a client’s bill to be lodged formally with the office to resolve any issues.

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