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Court upholds a P200 fine in a threat to kill a 75-year old
A 75-year-old man says he is living in fear after a man who threatened to chop him into pieces was fined P200 and set free.
George Sebina of Dinti ward in Kumakwane was threatened with an axe by the 56-year-old Boganne Kebaitsang at Kolobeng settlement on January 10, 2010 after a misunderstanding over a piece of land.
He said trouble started when he accompanied one Kegalale Gabanakgosi to her field in Kumakwane. When they arrived they discovered that Kebaitsang had erected a kraal fence inside her piece of land.
“I then told him that when the Land Board officers come they would order the removal of the kraal fence. This agitated him (Kebaitsang) and he then threatened to chop me with an axe,” Sebina lamented.
The case was presided over by Kgosi Opelo Kgabo of Kumakwane who ruled that Kebaitsang pay a fine of P200.00 or a two months jail term.
Disappointed by the sentence, Sebina made an appeal at the Thamaga Customary Court where Kgosi Gobuamang Gobuamang upheld the ruling.
When giving his judgement Gobuamang is said to have considered the defendant’s age and that he was a first offender.
“I am living in fear after being threatened and the man responsible being let off just like that. What if he does what he said he will do,” Sebina cried out.
Sebina also revealed that he was planning on taking his case further as it was difficult for him to live freely knowing that someone who threatened to chop him into pieces was a free man.


  1. ke mathata fela,who knows what will happen next?gongwe o tla diragatsa what he once said, ya bo ile gone ba emang ka dinao motho a setse a ile.

  2. Thats the problem we are faced with in our country. People go unpunished but we end up having to pay dearly for that. If you remember well we once ran a story on a guy who threatened his girlfriend and was set free and later killed the girl. O bona gore if they had taken strict measures on the guy they could have prevented the killing? So now the question I want to pose to all of you is that, tsela re tsaya efe Batswana?

  3. Le wena mdala o le gwala thata, o ne o ntse o dirang? Bua hela gore go okediwe 2 clipper to be 1G.

  4. Bon Mad you don’t understand that its not about the money, its about the sentence e motho ae fiwang for whatever crime he/she committed. Gape bona gore ke mogolo yoo kae atla go tshosetswa matshelo in a foreign village. He says he now lives in fear as he doesn’t know what will happen to him…I bet you will feel the same way if you were him..

  5. Kante dis Attorneys ba ithutetse molao kae i min forks we tokn abt human life here not jokes, dis is not da kind of resembles we want for Botswanas pillars, ke reela gore wat if motho yo a le serious, an do u thnk a humans life is 200pula u cant buy life mind do, b serious people pliz!!

  6. If the law can not help us where are we to go,a mme gone our safe if 200 is to buy anther man’head.