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Women’s World

If I were running an office, I would employ women.

Yeah, I know, a lot of men would say the same thing, but my reason is that I believe women are more suited than men for most of today’s jobs.

I can’t prove that, but I do know for sure that I prefer to do one thing at a time and finish it before moving on to the next task, and I think most men feel the same way.

Women, on the other hand, seem to enjoy doing more than one thing at once. They can cook dinner, watch TV, talk on the phone, scan Facebook and keep an eye on the kids all at the same time and think nothing of it.

Unfortunately for us males, there are very few jobs anymore where we can get away with our natural preference.

Employees are expected to multi-task and stay on top of several jobs pretty much all the time.

That seems like women’s work to me, and judging from what I’ve read about our history, that kind of thing always has been.

Human beings have been around for about 2.5 million years, and for well over 2.49 million of them most men and women had clearly defined roles.

Men went out to find animals, kill them and bring them back to feed the women and children.

They protected their group against wild beasts and other dangers, but their main job was to provide meat, so they became very good at focusing on that single task.

They developed tunnel vision to help locate prey and long-range navigation skills, so they would be able to find their way home with their kill.

While the men were hunting, women took care of everything else; caring for children, gathering fruits and berries, keeping an eye out for danger, organising the camp.

They became very aware of their immediate surroundings and developed excellent peripheral vision. I guess that explains why women can find things in the fridge.

They also developed a highly tuned ability to sense small changes in the people around them. I mean, really; which one of those skill sets would you prefer to see in your employees?

The other thing about women is that they seem to enjoy communicating, so I think a lot of today’s jobs could be quite satisfying for them.

Yes, I like to write, and I earn money from it, but I sit in a room by myself while I do it, and trying to communicate all the time would drive me crazy.

I’m also okay with figures so I could do a wide range of office work, but what I really enjoy is manual labour. See a task, do the task, see the result.

I find that very satisfying, and I don’t have to think about those kinds of jobs while I’m not working.

What I’m saying here is,I believe human history has helped women become better equipped for jobs that include desks, phones and computers,so I think they deserve to be paid at least as much as their male colleagues.

Okay, they do sometimes take time off to bear children, but that’s another issue and I can only deal with one thing at a time.

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