Last Friday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole got into a combi from the Bus Rank to New Stance in Gaborone when a conversation between passengers, on what causes relationships to fail caught his attention.

LADY IN BOT5O T-SHIRT: I don’t understand men, how can someone leave his partner of 11 years and mother of his two kids for an older woman with six children.

You won’t believe that’s exactly what happened to my cousin, her man dumped her and is now looking after other men’s children.

MAN IN SUNGLASSES: These things do happen to both men and women.

It’s wrong to put all the blame on men. It’s all about human characteristics.

LADY IN BOT5O T-SHIRT: Ya but it’s very common amongst men. I believe the man has been bewitched.

DRIVER: You are very right by saying it’s all about human nature.

Women are also difficult to understand. You see a woman married to a man who loves and provides her with everything yet when the husband goes to work, she beds a herd boy or garden boy.

My friend used to tell me how women can be attracted to men with smelly feet. (laughter).

MAN IN SUNGLASSES: Sometimes we cast bad spells on ourselves by making uninformed decisions.

The moment things don’t go as expected, we blame it on witchcraft.

LADY IN BOT5O T-SHIRT: The most hurting thing is, when my cousin met this guy, he was dirty and unemployed.

She taught him to bath, found a job for him and this is how he thanks, ungrateful bastard (laughter).

DRIVER: The problem is that women sometimes underestimate three basic things in a relationship or marriage, great sex, cooking and doing laundry.

If you do these things right a man will never leave.

If you fail, some elderly and experienced women would do them for him, so stop blaming it on witchcraft and do the right thing, please your men. (laughter)

The conversation ends as the lady in BOT50 T-shirt alights from the taxi in Extension 14.

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