IRONIC: Yoga classes get people together to be along

Last Friday I did something very odd, well odd at least for me; I went to a yoga class.
I enjoy getting together with other people to play sports such as basketball, tennis, football and pretty much anything else but I’ve never been one for social, musically-augmented exercise classes. I mean working out is serious stuff; the socialising can wait until after the shower and the music they play at these sessions can wait forever.  That’s the way I see it anyway.
Right, back the yoga class.  You see that picture at the top of the page?  The people in my class don’t look anything like that… except for the fact that everyone other than yours truly is a woman.  I also may be the youngest person in the class, but I don’t mind because I’ve just learned one of the main purposes of the class is to help me look inward so I can spend some quality time with myself.
Being surrounded by beautiful lycra-clad women gracefully moving through a series of bends, stretches and contortions could potentially distract me from that goal, so I’m quite happy with my current lot in yoga life.
Yeah, right.

But here’s the thing; while I was sitting cross-legged on the floor breathing in pure energy and being told to relax and not to think too much, I started thinking; and what I thought about was: why do these women get together every week to try to be more alone?  Then it hit me…they want to be more like men.
I realise that sounds pretty silly – although not particularly so for this column – but I really do think I may be onto something here.  We always hear about how men should try to get in touch with their feminine side so they can be better fathers or better mates and so they can cope better in this female brain dominated modern world where everyone is expected to be able to do a thousand things at once even if his brain is wired to do one thing at a time, but we almost never hear about women getting in touch with their masculine side.
Maybe this is it.  Maybe this desire to slow down and focus on one thing at a time and to be fully with yourself, even if it is while you are surrounded by a bunch of fellow inner peace seekers, is the other side of the coin.

For 99 percent of our existence men have been hunters who needed to focus on their pray in order to feed the family and women needed to be aware of everything that was going on around cave so they could protect the children so our brains are slightly different.  Men want to do one thing at a time and not be distracted until they are finished and women like to multi-task.  The good news, according to the relationship guide, WHY MEN DON’T LISTEN, and women can’t read maps, which is obviously written for women – you can tell that by the size of the letters in the title – men can be trained to be more like women.  And the equally good news, according to me, is that maybe women can also be trained to be more like men.
The trick, I think, is not to take it too far.  I mean what’s the point of taking a yoga class if you are going to lose your balance?

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For someone who has only attended one yoga class you have some pretty damning conclusions there.I have been practicing yoga for 2 years now and i can assure you that yoga has nothing to do with wanting to be more male or female. It is all about releasing the energy within you and learning how to positively channel it.