A 22-year woman who visited her lover over the Independence holidays and poured water on his bed and clothes when they had a financial misunderstanding has been asked to pay a fine of P50.00 or spend 3 months in jail.
In her testimony before Kgosi Modise Pilane, Constable Jeremiah of Mochudi Police, who appeared for the state, said the accused lass Dineo Jabane of Ratholo in Tswapong, arrived at her boyfriend Tebogo Tumelo Meswele in Mochudi on the morning of Independence Day morning and then performed her wet stunt four days later while Meswele, who could not give her money to go back to Ratholo was at work.
Delivering his judgement and sentence Kgosi Pilane said he had taken into consideration that Jabane who is a first offender has a young child, had plans to go to school back to school next year and is young enough to mend her ways.
“ I hope this sentence will help you behave in a more civil manner in future”, Kgosi Pilane told Jabane before telling her she has 30 days to appeal.
Jabane however said she had no intention of appealing and would pay the fine.

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Chris M

P50 versus 3 months in jail! Strange but great in that there was not whipping sentence and she is afforded appeal time after a fair trial! Thumbs up Moch!


@Chris M, ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! “not whipping sentence”

Things are getting back to normal there hmmmm.


Better those who use water as weapons and not knives or guns. passion soakers are not as bad as killers, so make her pay 50 for washing powder


Basimane ba sa becheng ke story.. itseele masole nnana..


Go batliwa di husbank lona le batla bo ramoswe re tla reng ka o motswapong wena o ipatlela bakery e seng sepe gape goo!