A Maun man who beat up his cohabiting partner was this week sent to hospital to check whether or not he was fit enough to receive four lashes on his bare buttocks as punishment for the offence.

The 36- year-old Tibabili Salani who was ordered by Maun customary court to receive the four strokes of the cane at the conclusion of the case said he was not well and needed his body to be checked before the corporal punishment could be administered.

Presiding chief, Kgosi Leretetse Mogakalwe allowed him to go for medical examination, but that was not before he gave him a verbal lash: “I heard your plea and admission of guilt, but you really are a disappointment. You look like a gentleman, but as from today you are not so, you are a rogue. How can you assault a woman who has given you so much respect. You beat her up only because you were double timing her and seeing another woman behind her back!”

Information brought before Maun customary court is that, on the 12th December 2018, Salani’s girlfriend, who is also a mother to his children, Onkamile Sakoya, 25, wanted to go to a swimming pool and asked for permission from him.

Before allowing her to go, Salani made a demand and asked the woman to first prepare a meal for him and she did.

However when she got to the swimming pool, she learnt about his man’s extra affair.

The woman is said to have gone back home and demanded answers from Salani and a quarrel ensued.

Salani is said to have locked himself insider a tent to avoid further confrontation.

He shortly emerged from the tent and punched the enraged Sakoya with a fist on her nose, throwing her to the ground.

“As though that was not enough, you took a fishing rod and whipped the woman all over the body even though her nose was bleeding. You even assaulted your seniors who intervened,” Kgosi Mogakalwe said.

When asked if she wanted compensation for her injuries, the girlfriend said she had forgiven her lover and that she will not make any demands.

For his part, Salani appeared remorseful and asked the court to forgive him as he was taking care of the woman and their children.

“It was just a misunderstanding. She is my best friend and I really am sorry for laying a hand on her,” Salani told the court.

The court however ruled that Salani be lashed four times on his bare buttocks should the medical report render him fit enough.

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