Woman of action , passion and inspiration
FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE L-R:Pinkie Nage, Lulu Rasebotsa and Keedo Paya

She is bold, poised and articulate not only as a leader navigating the business sphere but as a daughter, mother, aunt and friend. Lulu Naomi Rasebotsa is the epitome of success as illustrated by her illustrious accomplishments both professionally and at a personal level. Her experience includes both as an Underwriter and a Broker with over 18 years of experience in the financial services sector.

As the Managing Director for Liberty Life Botswana; a specialist life insurance company which focuses on providing group based and individual risk insurance products for death, disability, critical illness and other life changing events; Rasebotsa is charged with the responsibility to strategically steer the growth of the business and build strong partnerships to execute the business mandate.

Rasebotsa holds a BSc Honours in Maths & Statistics from the University of Kent; she also has a COP in Life Insurance and an ICiBS, both from the Insurance Institute of South Africa.

Woman of action, passion and Inspiration
DADDY’S GIRL: Lulu and Papa Rasie

Described by her friends as someone who can keep both the heart and the mind working together in harmony Rasebotsa works hard but also plays hard In true form, Rasebotsa recently had the unique opportunity of being celebrated by friends and family to mark a huge milestone in her life journey.

In a three tiered celebration which included a cocktail session, formal dinner and a party session, Rasebotsa celebrated her new age at the weekend surrounded by those dearest to her.

The effervescent lady had earlier in the week enjoyed time with family and friends at a local spot to mark her actual day of birth; November 16.

The weekend extravaganza was put together by Rasebotsa’s girlfriends who had teamed up to honor and celebrate their longtime friend.

The festivities kicked off at her parent’s residence where guests were treated to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres marvelously prepared by Tsholo Rasebotsa and Pinkie Nage.

Speaking about his adored daughter, Rasebotsa’s father shared the remarkable journey he has had with his daughter and the sense of pride he has regarding the professional woman CEO, committed mother, devoted sister and friend she has become.

Still referring to her as his “little baby girl” one could easily pick his affectionately protective tone when it comes to his only daughter!

Woman of action, passion and Inspiration

For her part; Mma Mompei affectionately called “Mmangwane” by all described Lulu as generous, always there for family and an example of a great niece and daughter.

Then it was off to a formal dinner set up at one a friend’s garden. The luscious spread was prepared by the host and another confidante; Bone Lekgetho, who had travelled from Francistown that very morning.

“Though we could have outsourced the services of a caterer, we felt strongly to keep the affair intimate hence we cooked up a storm for a dear friend that has been an integral part of our life journeys.”

Shared the host; Mabu Nteta who also described Rasebotsa as passionate, strong willed, consistent and an inspiration for girl children.

The warm and cherished gathering was characterized by speeches by loved ones who all spoke of the beloved Rasebotsa.

Describing her boss as one of a kind, was personal assistant; Poloko Mosarwa who shared her journey under Rasebotsa’s guidance and leadership.

“Five years ago I got to work for this incredible soul who did not only get to be a mentor but a great inspiration as well. Ms Lu as she is affectionately called, believes in giving people a chance and is big on empowerment. My experiences have been rich under her employ and for this I am truly grateful.” Mosarwa said.

For her part, proud mother Dr Nobantu Rasebotsa affectionately known as MamaRasie revered her daughter for her achievements most notably her ability to bring people together.

“Although Lulu was chiefly raised by her father and other family members as I was undertaking my studies, we share a great bond. Her friendships are extended to me as well. In her intimate circle of friends, I have gained daughters and great friendships.”

Elaborating on Rasebotsa’s kindness was her friend Bogolo Kenewendo whom Rasebotsa refers to as one of her young friends.

“Maluza has over the years been my sounding board and a great friend who unselfishly extends her knowledge to others.”

Another close friend Mothusi Lekgetho spoke of their years of comradeship, describing it as more of a family unit.

“Lulu is like a sister to me and she has been a part of our lives for years. She is a great aunt to our children.”

Woman of action, passion and Inspiration
Woman of action, passion and Inspiration

Of all the gifts, the birthday lady was showered with; it was the surprise of seeing her daughter at the gathering that moved her to tears.

Yaana who is in boarding school in South Africa had been part of the scheming efforts of friends and her father to be a part of the celebrations unbeknown to her doting mother.

“ You are the best mom I could have asked for, a friend that is always there to listen and to guide my journey.” said the 13- year- old.

Her sentiments were reverberated by Rasebotsa’s cousin Mmusi Mompei who also had the guests laughing at his animated references to Rasebotsa.

“Lulu has a big heart and accepts everyone for who they are. She works hard and plays even harder. Her leadership is visionary and she is a woman of immense style.”

Mompei went on describe Rasebotsa’s personality in reference to the Chinese year of the pig. Born in 1971, Rasebotsa’s birthday falls on the 12th year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign.

The Chinese zodiac prediction indicates that people born in the Year of Pig are generally compassionate, generous, easy going and ambitions.

This rings true for the self confessed workaholic. Rasebotsa has been hailed for her inclusive and participatory leadership style which she has credited to produce results.

“I am not a boss, but rather part of a team motivated to deliver” she has said.

Reminiscent of her heydays as Dj Max, the celebration ended with a party session planned by Itumeleng Moremong and Kedo Paya.

At her residence, Rasebotsa indulged her love for music and dance; reflective of the adage she lives by; “Life is not a dress rehearsal.

I give my best in all I do for I only have this life.” quipped the excited Rasebotsa who saluted her friends for the memorable occasion.

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