Witch doctors and their evil ways
Witch doctors and their evil ways

On Saturday, morning, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was in a Game City bound combi when he overheard a conversation about fake traditional doctors and their evil ways among passengers.

WOMAN IN A BROWN COAT: This country is sick and in need of prayers. Yesterday I read a story about a man who murdered his mother after a traditional doctor had convinced hi that his mother was bewitching him.

LONGHAIRED WOMAN: Ijoo, I read that story too, and I was so shocked. How on earth can a sane human being tie his mother to his car and then drag her along a gravel road? That old woman really died a painful death.

BROWN COAT: I hate traditional doctors. They concoct all sorts of lies in order to swindle people out of their hard-earned cash.

They’re always quick to find a problem about someone even when there’s none.

LONGHAIRED WOMAN: They never have anything positive to say. Their patients are always bewitched either by an uncle or an aunt.

BROWN COAT: Or they’d tell you about neighborhood woman staying in a house facing to the east that bewitches you, but they won’t tell you who that woman is.

I wish the police would arrest that traditional doctor as an accomplice to murder.

DRIVER: I believe there are a few genuine ones, just like pastors.

LONGHAIR: I don’t agree. In this era, how’d you know who’s who in the zoo?

DRIVER: Well, a genuine one would put the medicine on a floor for you to take it from there and say “there you go.”

If a traditional doctor gives you medicine in your hands, then you should know he’s fake.

Again, a genuine one wouldn’t take consultation fee from your hand. You put the money on the floor and he takes it from there.

That is it! (A roar of laughter).

MAN IN BOTS50 TOP: Let’s not paint them with the same brush. Some of them offer us a great help.

I knew one that stayed in Mogoditshane. His yard his was always packed to capacity with women who came from Gaborone and far away places to ask for love portions so they could keep boyfriends to marry them.

(Another roar of laughter).

The cartoonist drops off near Central Medical Stores, leaving passengers still engrossed in conversation.

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