Wise Leadership has a goal to advance better integrated reporting in Botswana and help corporate entities.

To achieve this they have scheduled a Breakfast Seminar on Integrated Reporting to be held on the 4th April 2019 at the Grand Palm Hotel.

The content is set to unpack the critical issues surrounding companies’ transition to compliance with the King Three Code of Corporate Governance principles on reporting.

The seminar was motivated by the recent release of the Guidelines for Listed Companies on reporting Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) information to investors by the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE).

With reference to these guidelines and reporting structures, it is imperative that companies familiarise themselves with the requirements and begin implementing processes to ensure proper reporting.

The objectives of the Seminar will be; to provide an introduction to integrated reporting and integrated thinking, outlining recent global developments in corporate reporting; reviewing the practical implications of the IIRC’s International Framework; providing practical guidance on specific reporting issues, including: materiality, business models, and project planning; review examples from recent global ‘best practice’ integrated reports; offer a brief assessment of the implications for driving integrated thinking across the company; There will be a determination of the need for further coaching for companies and their teams for planning and implementation support on the preparation of the Integrated Report.

Expert, Jonathon Hanks will be the facilitator for this seminar.

Jonathon Hanks is the Founding and Managing Partner at Incite (Cape Town) and comes with excellent credentials offering sound guidance and advice on the process to follow to ensure compliance.

Hanks is a globally recognised expert on integrated and sustainability reporting, with more than twenty-five years of consulting experience advising leading companies, inter-governmental organisations and NGOs across emerging markets.

He was a co-author of the pioneering South African guidance document on integrated reporting, and served on two advisory groups (on Value and Materiality) that contributed to the IIRC’s International Framework.

Jonathon convened the recent GRI/IIRC Corporate Leadership Group on integrated reporting, served as an expert representative on the international Corporate Reporting Dialogue, and teaches on IIRC-accredited training courses.

He has provided advisory services on integrated reporting to leading companies in South Africa, Namibia and Mauritius, including the recent multiple award-winning integrated reports of Kumba Iron Ore, Oceana, Sasol and Vodacom.

Jonathon was elected to chair the multi-stakeholder negotiations on the text of ISO 26000, securing consensus – from more than 95 countries, 45 global organisations and 450 experts – on the international standard on social responsibility.

He is a teaching fellow on various executive and MBA programmes, and a regularly invited conference speaker and facilitator.

Wise Leadership’s focus is on bringing clarity and direction to companies and ensures that they have a better understanding on how to create and implement integrated reporting to international standards.

As a company that has established itself as a confident industry player in the field of Corporate Governance Training and Company Secretary ship and with a mandate to advocate and assist corporate entities with the implementation of the Corporate Governance Principles, Wise Leadership now supports corporates to embrace and address the changes required in preparing ESG Reports.

Recent developments in the market reveal that companies are taking compliance seriously, therefore support and networking through this seminar to get corporates started on the right foundation is the aim of Wise Leadership.

“Companies ought to apply all the principles of the King III Code of Corporate Governance,” says Mpho Kgosietsile, Director of Wise Leadership.

“It is a huge task and it is for this reason that we are holding a half day seminar on Integrated Reporting so that we can unpack these requirements.

Through Wise Leadership expertise and Jonathon Hanks’ qualifications and experience the seminar is expected to offer immense value to those who will be attending.

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