Winter look ideas
Winter Outfit Ideas

Winter dress code is one of my favorite styles, because playing around with the same items of clothing, mixing and matching will always create a different look.

It’s a creative time of the season in the wardrobe. Keeping it fashionable with items are stylish and warm is essential.

Here are a few winter look and ideas.

Casual: hard style meets soft ecstatic 

Play around with knit dresses that are below the knee or oversized sweaters for a casual day look. Add a pair of leggings or stockings for extra warmth.

A leather jacket always completes this type of look, adding an edge. The perfect blend of hard meets soft.

Go for thigh highs or ankle boots before stepping out into the city.

Denim it: fashion forward fanatic 

Denim on denim ensemble is a style suitablefor all seasons. For winter,layering well is key to pulling this look off.

It may be a blue denim monochrome look, hard felt dark black, soft or distressed:;layering different textures, is an unapologetic fashion forward trend.

Day look: mix and match favorite items

Daily wear consist of less is more attitude, and nightwear is all about going all out: fit for the occasion.

Light, bright hues of clothing areideal for cold, dull winter dayweather, including accessories and makeup.

For a night look, that is when the darker shades come out to play, including accessories and make up.

This way there is an obvious differentiable look to the outfit.

Clothing items for this season can easily allude the same outfit if not carefully mixed and matched!

Night look: Darker shades for a night out

Be stylish, while keeping warm at work.

Layer different coloured polo necks and scarfs to create new looks for the week.

Formal: work hard- look better

Must have items for this winter include a great quality polo neck, a classic trench coat, a bomber jacket/ puff jacket and a selection of woolen scarfs.

These clothing items are sure to create and recreate fashionable outfits!

Trech: A winter must have

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