A Wimpy employee in Francistown was seriously injured following a bizarre explosion in the restaurant kitchen at Nzano Centre on Monday.

Customers including members of staff scrambled for safety after the blast that shook the entire building leaving three employees injured with one admitted at Nyangabwe Referral Hospital.

The injured woman Onkgomoditse Mambisana is still at Nyangabwe were she is nursing serious burns caused by the explosion which police are currently investigating.

According to fellow staff members Mambisana sustained injuries on the face and hands, and was unable to feed herself.

The restaurant manager Masego Baituki, said it was not yet clear what could have actual happened.

She revealed that officers from the Fire department came and conducted their investigations and later ordered that the shop should continue operating.

“We only closed briefly after the accident and we opened the restaurant after the officers from the fire department gave us the green light,” Baituki told The Voice.

The owner of the restaurant Frans Viljoen said it was still not clear what could have caused the explosion.

Speaking from South Africa, Viljoen said the whole accident was a surprise to him.

“We are currently waiting for a report from all officers who conducted investigations at the scene of the accident. As for the injured staff member I understand she is recovering,” he said.

Viljoen also said the company was going to ensure that the woman is compensated since all his staff members are insured.

“It is sad for the accident to have harmed my workers but as a company we would ensure that they get the necessary support from us,” Viljoen said.

Asked as to why the shop was operating without an emergency exit, he said according to him the business was operating legitimately since it passed the inspection conducted by the city municipal before they opened.

“We submitted all the necessary documentation about the business and it was approved hence were started operating,” Viljoen said.

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