Last week I wrote about life after graduation, where the hustle really begins and people have to start being extra serious about their lives.

This is when reality really hits hard as one would have been pushed out of that little bud they were protected in. And yeah, I still do believe that out there, it’s not for the faint hearted. Imagine holding a degree and staying a year or more without a proper job that you deserve.

Like my account’s lecturer always says, in about 5/10 years, degree holders will be the ones sweeping the streets so I advise you, the youth to go as far as possible with your studies, it is for you own good.
Anyhow, because of last week’s article, I invited Kabo Muyaluka the incoming president of Association for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce (AIESEC Botswana) and Lefa Moatlhodi the chairperson of the organizing team of the upcoming conference to the weekly show at Yarona FM to talk about how AIESEC which is meant to enrich the youth in our country.

I learnt a whole lot of things from the two gentlemen and I will be joining AIESEC sooner than later. You’ll be amazed at what joining such organizations will do for you and your future. You get a chance to meet with all the “big people” in your field of interest, you also get the privilege to mix and mingle with all the “big people” in different countries and continents through the various exchange programs.

And because of the exposure there’s a high chance that you might just get hired straight from University or any other tertiary institution. This will surely save you the hustle and heartbreak of searching for a job for seven months with no joy.
Now, my dad then came to pick me up at the studio after the show and he commented on what we had discussed on the show. It’s amazing how people view things differently and obviously have varying perceptions on certain things. So my father made a comment that got me thinking really hard.

It got me to think twice about what I thought to be logic and reasonable. You know how our government tries to reduce unpleasant statistics, be it, unemployment rate, HIV and poverty.
Have you ever thought of the actions that are implemented to reduce these numbers and if the ways are effective?

I mean for example, you know how youth are advised to try farming and given money through the “Young farmer’s fund”. I get the idea, but really guys, how many youths are interested in farming, how many youth know about farming and all. Don’t take me wrong here, I acknowledge and appreciate the initiative but don’t you think that maybe not enough research and study is made when it comes to such ideas?
How do you empower youth by giving them cows and goats? How do we have a Ministry of Youth Sports and culture and not have a lively, highly active, well driven and future forward youth?  How do we have citizens being told that there’s no land while long, train looking malls are being built? I mean there’s nothing wrong with building malls, it’s actually positive growth but really guys, why do we have malls that take up a lot of space instead of having malls that have multiple storeys to save land which would then be allocated to people.

I don’t know guys, maybe what I’m saying is not relevent, but that is my story and I’m sticking to it… we need to seriously revisit our plans if at all we want Botswana to move forward and have a well empowered youth to lead us in the near future.

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