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Time will tell

Catching an early morning combi on his way to work on Friday morning, Voice reporter George Moore’s commute was livened up by the following heated football discussion

MAN IN SMART SUIT: I can’t see anyone stopping Rollers this season. Popa look unbeatable at the moment. I wouldn’t bet against them completing a league and cup double.

DREADLOCKED RASTA: Haha, monna, what have you been smoking? Rollers are hardly unbeatable – they lost their last match in the league! I remember you saying the same thing last year and Rollers ended up winning nothing. It will happen again this year. When the heat is on Popa melt – they just can’t handle the pressure.

MAN IN SMART SUIT: I’m telling you, this is their year. Lightning does not strike twice. They have learnt from the heartbreak of last season and will not make the same mistakes again. Did you not see how easily they beat Chiefs in the semi-final? It was men against boys!

DREADLOCKED RASTA: Chief’s did not play well in that game. The players were distracted by the management’s protest. Once that is sorted Magosi will be back. They are only two points behind Rollers in the league – that is nothing really.

WOMAN IN COLOURFUL TOP: Don’t forget Orapa United either; they’ve got a really good chance of winning the double too. They’re also just two points behind Rollers. It’s such an exciting, close league this year – any of the three teams could win it. I’m really looking forward to the Top 8 final as well, it should be a fantastic game.

DREADLOCKED RASTA: You’re right. I’ve watched them a couple of times this season and they’re a really difficult team to beat. They don’t concede many goals at all.

MAN IN SMART SUIT: Trust me, Segolame Boy will change that in the final. He’s such a talented striker. Every time he touches the ball there’s a buzz of expectation in the ground. That guy scores goals for fun. The Ostriches don’t stand a chance.

WOMAN IN COLOURFUL TOP: We shall see. Madinda Ndlovu is a clever coach and he will be desperate to get one over his old team. He knows Rollers inside out and has a point to prove after the ignominious way they parted last season.

MAN IN SMART SUIT: He’s a sly old fox for sure. But I don’t think he’s a better coach than Mark Harrison – tactically there isn’t a better coach in the country, and that includes Butler.

DREADLOCKED RASTA: Eish, you’re blinded by your love for Popa – Butler is brilliant!

WOMAN IN COLOURFUL TOP: I agree. He’s done a wonderful job with the Zebras – now they are galloping whereas before they were limping.

MAN IN SMART SUIT: He’s certainly got the Zebras playing with belief again. I watched them against Mali and they were excellent. So confident and composed on the ball and such clever, intricate passing, at lightning fast speed – it was like watching Brazil!

DREADLOCKED RASTA: Haha, well at least we agree on something. If they play like that against Comoros then we’ll give them a hiding!

WOMAN IN COLOURFUL TOP: They mustn’t underestimate Comoros though – there’s no such thing as an easy game in international football, especially away from home.

MAN IN SMART SUIT: Eish no way, even your beloved Orapa would beat those minnows. The Zebras are going to hammer them, if they don’t score at least four I’ll be disappointed.

The combi finally arrives at the bus rank and the three of them walk off together, still arguing about who will win the league.

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