BOSASNet has announced that it is no longer able to provide clinical services past 30th November 2012 because of lack of funding.

Here is one of the responses received from an ex-client: “One day I was sitting minding my own business and listening to the radio, getting along with my new and reformed life, and almost spat my coffee out when I heard the news reader mention that the was a very high chance that BOSANET would have to close down due to a lack of funding.

Whaaaaaat! Out of all the things that have shocked me in my life including shocking myself a couple of times, this, I think was probably the biggest blow.

Why I call it the biggest blow is because when people have served you and nurtured you the way the BOSANET team did to me, you naturally build great compassion towards them and their work.

Not to mention a great respect. This great compassion on my part has been formed from being a successful product of their work in substance abuse management.

I lost ten years of my mind, spirit and soul (life) to alcohol abuse and having been rehabilitated at BOSANET regained most of it within seven months. As compared to the ten years wasted, it was a miracle to be revived within a couple of months.

There’s still work to be done, but thank God I’m alive, sober and leading a normal life.

It’s not the same journey for everyone regardless of your age.

Nor is it the same drug that they’re always dealing with, but God forbid I have learnt that no man has to stand alone.

Especially when your life has become completely unmanageable! Whatever the circumstance or the amount of damage done to oneself, they’ve always managed to pull through and continue doing their job patiently and consistently without judging. I thank them for the wisdom that they’ve shone upon me and the lessons learnt.

Let us hold hands and try to fi nd a solution to this funding problem because there are still people out in this country who desire to live the life that I’m living now, but need somewhere to go.”

If you want to support BOSASNet to continue to be able to off er rehabilitation services to the public, contact us on 395 9119, 72659891. You can also fi nd us on Facebook or

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