Whose wife is she anyway?
UNFAITHFUL: Keneetswe Kefitile

Woman’s family receive magadi from two men

Two weeks after marrying the women he loved, Modise Kwati’s world came crashing down.

The 37-year-old barely had time to digest his wedding cake when Molepolole Customary Court slapped him with a marriage wrecking fine for ending his new wife, Keneetswe Kefitile’s former marriage.

On February 22, Kwati was ordered to pay his wife’s ex-husband, Sesupo Gokatweng P20, 000 or eight cows.

It was the second time in just over four months that the unfortunate nurse was required to fork out eight cows for Kefitile, 39, after stumping up the same amount in Magadi for her hand in marriage on 25 November 2017.

Unhappy with the court’s verdict and insisting he had no idea Kefitile was married when he met her, Kwati appealed the ruling.

However, last Thursday Kwati learnt to his dismay that his appeal was unsuccessful. He was informed he would have to pay the fine within six months.

During the initial trial, Gokatweng told the court that he had married Kefitile of Goo-Ratshosa ward in Molepolole, in a traditional ceremony by paying her bride price (Magadi), which was joyously accepted by her grateful family – unlike Kwati, Kefitile only paid six cows!

He further claimed that the ‘Patlo’ ceremony, held on February 3rd, 2015, was conducted without a glitch.

Whose wife is she anyway?
VINDICATED: Setup Gokatweng

An aggrieved Gokatweng, 46, explained his marriage began unravelling just a month later, when he returned to his matrimonial home in Molepolole’s Garanta ward after a short stint working in Orapa, only to find that his wife was not there.

“That night I slept alone. I tried to be patient to find out what was disturbing our relationship. I later found out there was another man (Kwati), although my wife claimed he was just a Zimbabwean artisan who she was negotiating with to build our house.”

However, the relationship remained rocky, taking a turn for the worst on the 27th of December when Gokatweng arrived home unannounced to find his wife in their bedroom with Kwati.

The pair’s problem’s reached a climax soon after when Kefitile fell pregnant with a child Gokatweng said ‘could not possibly be his’.

In September 2016, the humiliated husband sought legal recourse, intending to sue his wife for the pain and suffering she had put him through.

However, the presiding chief advised him not to and Gokatweng duly dropped the matter.

Turning his ire on his love rival instead, Gokatweng then dragged Kwati to court, accusing him of wrecking his marriage and demanding a P60, 000 payout.

Whilst the law was taking its course, Kwati put plans in motion to marry Kefitile, whom he paid Magadi for without objections from the bride’s family.

Whose wife is she anyway?
CHARGED: Modise Kwati

The couple then proceeded to register with the District Commissioner on January 8th, 2018 for their marriage certificate.

“In a summon that was issued, Keneetswe Kefitile’s names were never mentioned that is why I continued with plans to marry and paid Magadi, therefore I do not agree with the case of marriage wrecking. I also do not know if Gokatweng has paid Magadi, I was not there!” Kwati had defiantly told court during his original trial.

Following the initial guilty verdict, whilst the appeal was still being processed, Gokatweng submitted a petition before Molepolole District Commissioners office to stop Kefitile’s marriage and the marriage was dramatically halted on March 1st 2018.

Finding herself at the centre of a domestic mess after her parents accepted bride price from two men, Kefitile took the decision to ‘free herself’ by divorcing Gokatweng and married Kwati.

Last Thursday’s court case finally brought an end to the saga and the trio can finally moo-ve on with their lives – providing Kwati can find eight more cows!

For Gokatweng, he can console himself with the knowledge that he may have lost a wife but he gained two cows.

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