Who's fooling who?
  • * I stand by what I said in court- Sadique

Although President Masisi has rubbished allegations that he benefited from Pension fund missing millions, The Voice has it on reliable record that the President’s camp Dubai received at least P250 000 from the fund.

Responding to The Voice question about receiving dirty money through Capital Management Botswana (CMB), a privetae equity firm, President Masisi said, “I am innocent. We informed everyone that this must be clean money. I will never stand in the way of anyone being pursued for corrupt behavior. Never!”

Allegations of the president’s involvement in CMB looting came to light during former Minister of Minerals and long time Masisi blue- eyed boy, Sadique Kebonang testimony in court concerning the missing P400 million belonging to pensioners through Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund (BPOPF).

Kebonang testified under oath that he received money from CMB officials for Masisi’s chairperson’s campaign in 2017 after Masisi had instructed CMB officials to deposit the money into the then minister’s account because “as part of his campaign team, Sadique would know what to do with it.”

However Masisi at his Tuesday Presser pleaded ignorance and said that as President he wanted to know, “Where Public funds have gone to, who took the money and used it where? We need those monies back! He said.

Who's fooling who?
SPEAKS OUT: Kebonang

However a reliable source close to the CMB saga opined that for Masisi to throw Kebonang under the bus when all Sadique did was receive the money on behalf of the president’s chairmanship campaig was the highest form of betrayal.

“ The P250 000 was part of the P7million that Camp Dubai raised from various companies and organisations. The president has not for a fact denied receiving money from various businesses and he did so knowing it was wrong, He should have just said the whole team did not know it was dirty money instead of singling out one person and throwing him under the bus, it is politics and although it is illegal, political parties do it, I mean one has to win at all costs,”the source claimed.

Meanwhile Masisi has also denied mentioning that he was ready to lift his presidential immunity but stated that he subscribes to the rule of law.

Reached for comment Kebonang said ” I cant comment on the matter because it is before the court but yes, I stand by what I said in court.”

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