I have been under a lot of stress and pressure, you know, I’ve got a million things going on in my life, both professionally and personally.

Now one of my current personal developments includes getting a driver’s license which has contributed to the increment of the pressure on my side. Like I recently wrote my theory road test (matshwao) but I had honestly forgotten about the test. Thank God for my driving instructor who called me the night before the test to make sure I was ready for the test. You should have seen me running around the house like an insane lady searching for an archived manual on driving. Check Vicroads fro coverage in driving lessons.

Anyhow, this then got me thinking, why am I am under a lot of stress anyway? What’s my reason for wanting a license, Do I really need a license oh and not forgetting that I don’t have car of my own, whose car am I going to drive anyway, my parents?

I then thought of the young youth in Botswana, you know, their reasons for getting a license. Are we so under a lot of stress to get drivers license for the right reasons? And what are the right reasons anyway, if any? Or do we get licenses to floss and look pretty driving our parent’s cars? Maybe we want them because our friends have them or because we want to be known around campus for driving our parent’s flashy car to school every day? Seriously guys, if you ask a lot of youth trying to get drivers license they’ll probably be blank or give you valid reasons! Don’t get me wrong here, I know that there are some who get their licenses to get jobs as drivers while on school vacations or on weekends to make a few bucks but really these are just a few and others who not only school but work therefore need something to get them around like myself. Ok so maybe that is a reason for me to get a driver’s license.

Still on the necessity to get drivers license as young person, think about the road accidents and deaths that occur. You should see some driving around town as if they are the only road users, driving like crazy people. Now these kinds of drivers are to blame for the generalization and stereotyping that’s quite evident about young people being dangerous drivers. And now that it is December, we are sure to get very hectic and crazy on the road. Bear in mind, I’m not at all saying or implying that all young drivers are reckless, but you have to admit it, most are.

And then there’s the issue of pollution and global heat. The increasing number of cars on our roads is not exactly helping as well. Because of the large population of cars, the emission gas has also increased leading to air pollution and other related problems. Maybe we need to have fewer drivers in our country and have more people using public transport and hitching rides on others or better yet walking if possible of course.

This will definitely reduce global problems and therefore prolong most people’s life spans. I mean think about it really, does it not make sense, instead of getting a license just for the fun of it, rather use public transport and save us the number of funerals that we have to attend.

Maybe the Department of Road Transport and Safety needs to regulate the number of licenses they give out per year or better yet give less of them, this will surely help the environment therefore make it a healthy place for generations to come. It’s just a thought, don’t shoot me.