Presidential fashion

We have long closely followed presidential fashion in and around the world.

We saw Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe standing out from the rest at the Indian-African forum summit last year by not following the status quo of wearing the Indian traditional Kurta Sherwani attire while all the leaders present donned it.

This evidently shows that a public figure’s fashion choices reflects or conveys their intent and state of mind.

We have seen our President Ian Khama wearimg his safari gear as if to say: ‘Hey, I am trying to reduce taxes, look at me. You can talk to me. I am one of you”.

Moreover, we have seen vice president, Mokgweetsi Masisi donning a flat hip cap which somehow indirectly spoke to the youth.

We have seen US President Barack Obama’s button-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves, that could mean: “hey, I am a people’s person, you can approach me”, “I am relatable”.

Fashion speaks to an audience and transforms mindsets.

Presidential fashion
Presidential fashion

A color choice plays a significant role as it states a circumscribed choice.

A simple Botswana flag lapel can stimulate an audience visually, while a poor tailored suit can cause more damage.

Today we ask, whose voice are you following because of their fashion choices?

Which president wears it best?

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