HELPLESS: Khabenyana Olefhile

Block 5 residents take multi-million Pula developers to court over the land they are being evicted from
Forty-eight Gaborone families are facing homelessness following the order to move out of their residential plots to give way to a multi-million Pula estate and golf course.
The residents are, however, not going down without a fight. Today, Friday, the illegal occupants of lot 29062 in Block 5, which border Gaborone and Mogoditshane, would be at the Lobatse High Court seeking to block their intended eviction.
It is a battle of David and Goliath, as the poor residents find themselves against the might of Botswana Hotel Development Company (PTY) LTD. The company was granted the lease to the land by government seven years ago and now intends constructing a residential estate on 20 hectares and an eighteen-hole golf course on 72. 5939 hectares.
While the developers have a title deed to the large piece of land, the illegal occupants of the plot, which they have name Se ke Motse (This is home) ward, contend that naturally the land belongs to them. Most if not all say they purchased the land from a certain Mafumo, now late, who claimed the land was his field.
“I bought this piece of land in 1990, raised my family in it and have no other home to go to. This company was granted the title deed years later and I wonder what they had in mind when they noticed that the land they were being given was already occupied?” rhetorically asked Chaza Sithole, 37, who shares his home with his wife and five children.
Febi Mafumo, 71, is overcome with shock at the prospects of living in the streets together with her 10 other family members.
“Where will I go? Our future is in the mercy of this company and in the hands of the court,” was all the old woman could say when The Voice team visited her at her shack house this week.

Sarah Sithole

Sixty-six year old Khabenyana Olefhile revealed how she struggled to put up her two-roomed house since she bought the plot in 1990 adding that the other room was her source of income as she was renting it out.
But this does not concern Botswana Hotel Development Company, which has to utilize the land it paid millions of Pula for at a fixed period state grant.
On June 7 this year the company’s board of directors resolved that the company institute proceedings against illegal occupants of their plot.
In the filling notice, the company demands that the defendants pay legal fees and argues that despite lawful demand the defendants “refuse, neglect or failed to vacate lot 29062, Gaborone.”

BEFORE: Olefhile’s old hut

Although the company was granted the title deed in 2003, another defendant Jacob Basupi contends that residents of Se ke Motse should have been given the title deed way before 2003 as they had been promised by several government Ministers.
“I have been a resident of Se ke Motse Ward, Mogoditshane and we were promised by several Ministers of Lands and Local government and Housing that we shall be given title deeds as other settlers of Mogoditshane who have been given the same right,” read part of his filling notice.
Oarabile Pitso of Oarabile Pitso attorneys would represent the defendants while Sebego Sharma and Company would represent the developers.

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the law being Manipulated and then being used against the poor! Welcome to the real world!


Too bad for the residents the system failed them, somebody owns that land and regardless of them being poor or not, they dont belong there and unfortunately now they must do the right thing and move


its a pity…the poor will always be poor and the rich becumin richer at the expense of the gone mo re go bitsang kgosomano.go tla siama


…….!, eish mfethu. The rules are ‘highly bendable’ in here. We gotta establish a Mafia and take everythin away!


If they bought the land as they say, then it is time for them to produce the papers, 1990 is not that far to claim verbal agreements. Poverty card will not work here.

Chris M

Sad! They just need to ask GOV to relocate them with destitute funding if they have no legal entitlement to this land! The question is, how many people in this area are going to face this situation, as illegal squatters? This is not new here! The MP here needs to look after their constituents and advise them properly before they find themselves in a similar predicament with little time to properly sort themselves out!


Being poor does not mean you should be irresponsible. A re nneng le maikarabelo fa re dira dilo, no matter whether we are poor or rich. A ba ntshe sesupo sa gore lefatshe ke la bone ba le beilwe semmuso then everything will be fine.


What sort of name is “se ke motse”ward.le tla batlelwa another place to play ke Botswana the big fish eat the small fish.le tshamekisa madi ka dilawyer but gase gore kea tshega.


Heelang batho ba seke motse,ga lo itse gore government is immune to law suit or ga a seke? oh! no ke KHAMA kana.sorry,m out nw,i was planning to b ur legal adviser nw it luks like my legal studies di a nnyelelela.

@Chris M: Beloved, since when did MP’s really care? All they need is just the people’s vote and later to defect to another party for whatever reason they may deem necessary. People should be mindful that Gaborone was not always a City. People used to farm where this very city stands. The political systems of this country have really failed its people. You’d find that these people were only recognized when they were required to put somebody’s fat lazy belly in a political chair. Then they were the electorate, fellow citizens with a right to representation both political and otherwise;… Read more »

masepa a bela

ntshang tlhe bathong bao foo ba lese go le tshamekisa


Great to see this story is being published. Hope to see updates about the case.


Ke a belaela mong wa setsha o serekisitse ga bedi. Motho a sale a settle ka 1990 yo mongwe got title deeds in 2002 nnya batho fa boferefere boteng a go latelweng mong wa plot a tle go busetsa batsadi madi a bone le ditshenyegelo. Ke matlhotlha pelo ka nnete.


Ke dumalana le wena Monza, Boferefere bo teng. A ko go tlhotlhomisweng go seka ga lebelelwa bohumi le bohumanegi.


“Who’s land” or “whose land”?

Who’s = who is




the country is going down the drains, thanks to the leadership if Ian Kgama. what a disgrace, people made homeless by their own government.nxa!


Ijoo!!!! ke ipotsa gore a motho o kanna from 1990 a sena sesupo. mme a bo a tsaya gore ke gagagwe.. batho ba ha o bona bana le ditsha tse dintsi jaana ke gone gore ga ba boi.. ba ntsheng foo. ke a itse ya abo ele boo zezuru.. nxa… ba tsaya gore re dimatla rona batswana. ha re obamela melao ya lefatshe larona jaana.


Hhlamini o e bone phoso mister! Anyway boferefere bone bo teng a batsadi ba busetswe madi abone!


nnyaa bathong this is not fair,

a batho batho ba corruption ba investigate.bribery e ntsi ,ba ka tswa ba rekile landbourd or whatever to give them these documents,all these years where were they bone ba di hotel whatever.its lies ,just because they are poor and have nothing ba a kgokgontshiwa.nna kgang e ga ke e dumele..

O Anderson

My mom, brother & I applied for residential plots with mogoditshane landboard in the late 80s & were told there was no land for allocation,
only for someone Later to get 80 acras of land for golf, tell me where justice & equality are? ,nowonder people allocate themselves land without govt approval
I now live in England & won’t go back to bots till i get what I rightfully deserve
I won’t pay tax to the govt fat cats who have no clue Batswana have a right land & safe housing in their own country ,shame.

motswakwa 4 life if things don’t change


@O Anderson, A ko o boe ko mafatsheng ote go re thusa Anderson, wena o bata go ta go setse gole boruma. Probably this very land was reserved for such development like hospitality which in my view will create employment for the benefit of many Batswana. Kgang ya lefatshe e thata and there is lot of corruption involved, we long lost the fight by being too liberal. Maybe we will end up like there in England where the english are now buying houses in close EU countries because they cannot afford the cost in England, the Chineese have taken over… Read more »

@Ty_M, Recreation!? Recreation for who what and why, when people do not have homes? How can we be thinking of entertainment when people are homeless. Unlike O Anderson, I am not going anywhere, I will stay here and fight for what is rightfully mine. (bowa koo Anderson) We really must deal with this corruption. We can’t afford to live like paupers in our own backyard when the Chinese are flourishing in our own house. If this is not checked I tell you the civil war that has been talked about is inevitable. These are the ingredients that fuels people’s hatred… Read more »

Chris M

These people need to go back to their towns and villages that they came from and take advantage of the programmes of the government to lift themselves out of poverty rather than squatter here doing jobs that will never really change their lives! If they go back out there, team with their families and friends, clear the fields and take advantage of ISPAAD and LIMID, they could soon be rich! Creating another Old Naledi is the sure way of perpetuating the unending intergenerational poverty with areas like this being hot spots for crime, teenage pregnacies, HIV etc! Part-time jobs in… Read more »



O Anderson

Solving weed problem is the same as solving many other problems, you start from the roots
so I sugest a commision is needed to audit all the land allocation registers since the beggining of records & root out the problem
re a itse gore molato GAO bole
After this is sorted then we follow up on the Police then othen high profile govt departments including student placement
then they will know Batswana mean business


Go na le boferefere go lo fa. Nako e Tona(Jakobe) Nkate “RraKatakata” o neng a tlhasetse Tsolamosese ka katakata ka bo 2001, batho ba, ba “Se ke Motse,” ne ba sa bolo go nna fa bogologolo. Ba tlogetswe fa kae ha e ne ele bo Ma-ipaafela ebile ba le gaufi le Tsolamosese? Ke eng fa ba ne ba sa ntshiwe foo le bone ka nako ya teng? Go ne go itsiwe sengwe ka batho ba. Bone ba a gatelelwa, Nna ka re a ba batlelwe lefelo ba bewe jaaka batho ba OldNaledi, ditlhabololo di tsene tse go buiwang ka tsone.… Read more »

batho ba ba tshameka ka batswana, whose land is it anyway.botswana wa rona……….


Waitse ditsha tsa malatsi ke stress fela kana puso ke yone e palelwang? Mme segolo ke eng ba sa hande baton 2 ba ba ka kgonang. U remember issue ya setsha sa ko Mogoditshane nex2 Ditiragalo media, u remember sa ko Moleps ha go agilweng taxi rank juz 2 mention a few.What about tse dingwe coz ke bua hela tse ke di itseng. Motho ke gore a innele hela mo Sheep Farm mo go senang stress.


Ga re kmitla re tshela sentle rona bare dikobo dikutswane. mathata ke bo makgorwane. dintsha tsee sis!!!!!!!


And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said, Blessed are ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God.


Tota puso ya rona e rata madi tota,ba rekisetse setsha se,and the claim to nothing. batho ba itse hav nothing to defend them selves.Ba e sa kae madi a basa dirise mo batswana.