UNCOUTH: Richard Obakeng Mosala

Rude boyfriend lashed for insulting granny

After an unseasonably chilly weekend, a 33-year-old man had his buttocks warmed up on Monday morning when he was sentenced to four strokes for insulting his girlfriend’s elderly mother.

It could have been worse for Richard Obakeng Mosala, as besides his painful punishment, the Mogoditshane man was given a three month jail sentence, which was suspended for a year.

Fed up with her daughter’s foul-mouthed boyfriend, 82-year-old Rosa Masimolole dragged him to the village Kgotla for ‘threatening her life’ and ‘horribly insulting her in front of bystanders’.

The teary-eyed, almost toothless granny, originally reported Mosala to Mogoditshane police on July 20th, 2017.

Details of the charge sheet are that Mosala was beating his child, when the old woman tried to intervene.

The angry father reacted by warning Masimolole to mind her own business, allegedly retorting, “The child is a product of my sperm and not your egg.”

DISTRAUGHT: Masimolole

The ill-mannered man further offended his mother-in-law and accused her of selling his girlfriend to other men.

“Mmaago wa moloi le wena o moloi, maagwe nny** maagwe seb***,” he said, which loosely translates as, “The old woman’s mother was a witch and she’s a witch as well.”

Having pleaded guilty, Mosala begged court for leniency and not to send him to jail on the grounds that he is the sole caretaker of his children.

Presiding over the case, Chief Keabetswe Mochudi explained that by insulting Masimolole, Mosala was in violation of section 180 of the penal code.

Looking directly at Masimolole as he spoke, Mochudi said, “It is sad. I cannot even repeat the insults that have just been said before the court.”

The chief further reprimanded Mosala for ‘brutally insulting an elderly woman who is 49 years older than you’.

Looking suitably abashed, Mosala was warned that if he commits another offence in the next three months, he would be taken to prison.

Mosala breathed a sigh of relief as he realised he would not be going to jail – he could not, however, escape the hungry fire of the sjambok.

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