I started my first ever exams mo MMADIKOLO (University of Botswana) beginning of this week. And yah, very exciting I must add. Hope first years ba rabutsa ditlhatlhobo tse ( pass these exams).

I know none of them want to retake any course as they just started. Anyhow, I kick started my exams with a communication and study skills exam which is what I am writing about this week.

We had to choose a topic and write an essay on the topic selected and one option presented was the ”Unemployment of the youth in Botswana”.

This topic got me thinking and I must say, I sometimes get emotional when talking about this issue.
This is because when job vacancies are advertised (especially attractive jobs), specifications are that personnel with 5 or more years worth of experience are required.

I mean seriously, no wonder there are a lot of youth who are unemployed. I know I’ve not yet reached that stage of job hunting but I’ve got relatives who have to go through this and of course I am going to experience it in a few years. Yes, yours truly is just almost an adult, so watch out for me.

Anyway, there are a lot of qualified youth with degrees and masters who are loitering the streets because they just can’t find jobs as they don’t have 10 years worth of experience. How is a 24 year old person expected to have a degree and 5 years experience?

I don’t know guys but this trend needs to stop. I know some jobs need 10 years experience but hey, this is the 21st century, things need to change.
You may find that the job that requires 10 years of experience can be done by someone with a degree and proper 3 months training.

I had always to go as far as masters but I’ve since changed my mind because currently it’s quiet clear that after spending 7 years in tertiary school, it will take me another 10 years to get my desired job . And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Another disturbing factor is that old people don’t want to make way for the younger generation, ba ganelela mo ditilong. I mean come on now, look at the parliament for instance, most of the members are old people. Like wise our ministers are mostly old, ao bathong!

These are tired minds, they need to stay home and rest. No wonder Botswana is not developing, it’s because our country lacks people who are innovative and creative and those are the youth, people who are in good shape and health.

However, the youth also need to come up with ways to overcome unemployment. Don’t just wait for an opportunity to arise, create and hunt for that opportunity. I do hope that relevant people come across this article and act, especially the old people who are refusing to retire, please make way for the youth.

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If only decision makers could read your article and start putting real measures in place to help graduates!! I mean as you say, where do we get that 5 yrs experience straight out of uni? Why is the gov’t re-hiring retired civil servant (bo-Moleboge etc), what for? Cant they put in place training measures to give new and younger graduates to do the job? or at least promote the still workin civil servants and create entry-level vacancies? And i for one am not for these young farmer’s fund or youth funds whatever they are termed. Successful and sustainable businesses need… Read more »