What's wrong Boogie?
DJ Boggie Sid

It looks like a little fame can go straight to some people’s head!

A good example of that is Sidney Nzala, better known by his stage name, DJ Boogie Sid.

Shaya has been following his rants on social media where he takes jabs at local journalists.

He is forgetting that the same journalists he is belittling are the ones who made him what he is today.

The media gave him mileage even before winning the Sprite Disc jockey national completion in 2005. But today he has changed his tune.

Shaya is warning you, don’t start a war you cannot finish with the media – if you need a professional help just say it.

Last year he was complaining of his old picture being used in a story and now this.

‘O kare otla re tlwaela blind’.

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