What the people said
Percy Taolo

Following the dramatic scenec of violence that saw police officers unleashing their wrath against protesting unemployed youths on Monday, the Voice reporter GOFAONE KOOGOTSITSE took to the streets of Gaborone to get people’s opinions and this is what they had to say:

Percy Taolo (22)-unemployed from Mogoditshane

The police were not supposed to beat and arrest the unemployed youth.

The government should be aware that not all the youth have passed at school, therefore the youth need to be assisted.

I think the government should consider localising most foreign occupied posts and give priority to young graduates.

If there is any experience required, the youth can be trained on the job.

Otaka Kebaetse (51)- cool time vendor from Molepolole

What the people said
What the people said

The police were very wrong, those youth wanted their issues to be addressed. The young kids who will be the next youth generation need to find things changed.

The youth should be employed even on temporary jobs to avoid the rise in poverty in the country.

Gaone Toteng (23)- unemployed from Extension 14

What the people said
What the people said

It was not good at all, the youth have the right to express their concerns.

The Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) should reveal the statistics of unemployed people and make sure that more youth are absorbed in the industry.

DPSM should also tell the number of youth employed in a year. It should also consider the programs which their graduates are mostly affected.

The youth in programs such as internship and Tirelo Sechaba should be offered permanent positions or they should be paid the salary based on their qualifications for the period they serve.

Some courses that are not relevant to today’s job market should be stopped.

No one should be sponsored for such courses if she or he commences and progression should be offered to those who have started the courses.

Botho Baleseng (21)- Tlokweng Target 20 000 ESP

Those unemployed youth did not destroy anything, they were just protesting peacefully.

The government should be serious about the youth and bring more programs.

We cannot all do backyard gardening. The government should employ more Batswana as they have qualifications.

In schools foreign employees should be reduced and priority should be given to Batswana.

This target 20 000 is also not yielding any fruits as we are all doing certificate.

We do not know if there will be progress to further our studies.

Brian Kaome (25)- unemployed from Bontleng

What the people said
What the people said

I feel those youth could have been approached without being harassed.

If they did not have permission to hold such a meeting they could have been advised in a proper manner.

The government should create more jobs. Most of the money is wasted in BOT50, I wonder where all that money is coming from if indeed its true that there is no money as government claims.

The youth should be catered for, as they are also the ones making a large number to our population.

Oabona Rachere (30)- unemployed from Mogoditshane

What the people said
What the people said

I blame the police for beating and arresting those youth.

They need money to be assisted to start their own businesses.

I think more youth should be funded so that they can establish more businesses and provide employment for others.

Youth empowerment is a necessity for the future of this country.

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