Fight Crime Gaborone

Crime always has its costs. However, the worse the problem gets and the longer it is allowed to go on the more expensive and far reaching the consequences are on the community at large. There is initially the individual costs – the loss of personal property which must be replaced and the repairing of damaged windows or doors.
Sadly, sometimes also medical bills. Then as the crime continues and people feel less secure there is the cost of increased security measures. Families spend thousands putting bars, security doors and alarms on homes.

They tear out their beautiful hedges and replace them with walls with electric fences on top. They take on the monthly costs of a security company. If the crime continues and worsens, then the costs begin to affect the entire community.
What will happen – has already begun to happen – is that people will leave. The people that will leave are the people that can afford to – the middle and upper classes. The people that own and manage businesses. The people that employ people and patrionize the service industries.
With each individual that decides to close up shop and move for the safety of their families, a handful of people lose their jobs. Next foreign investment will drop off drastically. It is all well and good that the government is pouring money into building the CBD and the Botswana Innovation Hub as a way to diversify the economy and bring in foreign money.

However, no company is going to send its executives and staff into a place where they are at risk. Unemployment is already over 7% and we will see that number rise quickly with businesses pulling out and none coming in to replace them.
If drastic and permanent steps are not taken to alter the rise of crime we will soon see prices rising everywhere, fewer jobs and less money to go around. Even if you are not directly a victim of the increase in crime, it will affect you – so please share your voice – join the cause. Let your VOICE be heard.
“Increased Crime = Worse Economy”

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