Call achild a dog and they will behave like one

We all know that some parents tend to call and say hurtful things to their children as a way of motivating them. Actually, most parents do this. Some have called their kids pigs, dogs and other hurtful names you can ever think of.
Most of the times these names come about when parents feel that their children are not performing to the best of their abilities or that they are getting out of hand.
Phrases like “o tla olela maswe a bankane ba gago” (you’ll pick up your age mates faeces) and sometimes calling the child “selo ke wena” (you thing) are some of the things that the parents say.
Now don’t take this the wrong way, I know that folks do this to alert their kids and make them work harder to succeed in life. But sometimes, actually most of the times, we the children take this the wrong way and I know it deeply hurts one’s feelings.
I know for a fact that there are some who get inspired to work harder when their parents say this. They end up being successful adults as a result of the harsh words they got when they were young. But unfortunately, most are actually demoralized by this. They take these words personally and end up being exactly what their parents said they would be. Believe me when I say these kinds of talks can either extremely make or break a person, it’s as easy as that.
Since in most cases, the children become the trash that their parents said they’ll be, maybe parents should stop using this as a way of inspiring their children. It’s unfortunate that the reality check that the parents try to enforce into their kids turns out to be a total disaster.
Then there’s the issue of giving children awful nicknames such as Kgwatlhe and all. I know that not much thought is put into this but believe me, this can greatly impact the child. Even some first names that parents give their children, for example Ketlareng which means what will I do and Khutsafalo (sadness) is really not on. What is the child indeed supposed to do when she/he is named “what will I do”? I feel this is injustice to the child.
In some instances, when the person is old enough, they end up changing their names and naming themselves much more suitable names. I know a girl who was named Kebogile (I suffered) by her parents but now she has changed her name to Gloria. I mean seriously, who would want to be associated with suffering, let alone that being your name!
I know these things are just overlooked by the society and people don’t take note of such, but hey these are small things that can impact the growth of a person emotionally.
Name calling, using nasty words as a wake up call for a child and naming kids horrible names that mean sadness and heartbreak is just a destroyer… Take note beautiful people.

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Rraagwe Software

Ur article is lousy gape it shows gore r a spoilt child. ware hurt feelings? what feelings? Ngwana o bitswa ka leina lengwe le lengwe


Lefoko la motsadi ke lefoko lele powerful mo go maswe, le kgona go affecta thaloganyo ya ngwana. Kana fa ba go raya mafoko a its the same as being cursed by them


this parents lack civilisation…


O a buile nnaka,I think parents should realise that building a child is not destroying them ka dipuo,they will be suprised of how their children will turn up to be if they praise them more frequently.I mean ga bana ba itse gore batsadi ba bone ba ba praisa ba gola ba itse gore they are appreciated,ga ba kgobiwa/shaotwa ke balekane ba bone they will not be dipressed or feeling that they are worthless because they will know gore what their parents says matters more.Positivity from home builds a child and they grow up ba itse gore they are loved ke… Read more »


Well written article dear.

mandla otis

rraagwe software take it easy.i think this article came at the right is adressing a very important issue which you should apreciate.if u think it doesnt adress you,others woud find it important.


leina ke leina fela! chk a mo di comment tsone tse

Nametso Keodirile

Ina lebe seromo, bana ba tla tshwana le tsone dilo tse ba bitswang ka tsone.


names has got an impact in wat one bcm in lyf ke na le mmangwanaagwe mama o bitswa mathaithai ke ene mathaithai tota bana ba gagwe ba dule mo sekolong fela botlhe ba nwa khadi jaaka botsadi.a re bitseng bana maina a a positive tuu