We at Fight Crime Gaborone hope everyone had a happy and safe festive season. Welcome to 2012 the year the movement pushes forward in a big way.

At Fight Crime Gaborone there were lots of positives in 2011. We held our first large event “The March on Kgale Hill”. The Facebook groups membership climbed dramatically – we are now more than 3,500 strong. And we were able to (courtesy of The Voice) begin this column to communicate and inform the public about the issues surrounding the escalating crime epidemic that is tightening its grip on our nations capital.

Over the year we have seen some improvements. Particularly over the festive people several people have reported increased police patrols, many of them accompanied by armed BDF officers. A welcome sight indeed and let’s hope that trend continues.

Still there is a long way to go. Over a 150 homes were reported being burgled over the holidays – dozens more cars and individuals robbed.

We have begun on the right road but there is far to go –very far to go.

This year Fight Crime Gaborone we move into its next phase. We have gathered many voices…now it is time to let them be heard louder and more directly by those that are charged with the duty of protecting us.

We will mobilize and increase our presence and demand that something be done…demand that our fair town and ultimately nation not be allowed to be overrun by crime and violence. (Let us make no mistake it is in fact being allowed – by not taking proper and swift action and equipping the police to a level where they can combat the problem the government is allowing this to happen through their complacency.)

We will be louder than ever before. We will be more organized than ever before. We will be more focused than ever before. And with your help and your voices…we will make a difference in 2012…make no mistake about that.

Watch this space in the coming weeks to learn how you can help in our anti-crime revolution. Help us take back the night…take back our safety and our peace of mind.

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