MANNA FROM HEAVEN: Wilfred Bolole was blessed when he won the jackpot cash

Francistown man scoops P7750 jackpot
“Wow it’s a miracle!” were the first words of 45-year-old Wilfred Balole after he struck gold in our lucky newspaper promotion.

The Francistown resident hit the P7750 jackpot when his lucky newspaper number was selected in our Wheel of Fortune draw on Tuesday.
The delighted winner was convinced that the hand of God had played a part in his good fortune.
“God is great – the prize was just waiting for me,” he said with a beaming smile. Wilfred explained that it was the fourth time he had entered and had seen others winning the P1000 guaranteed prize, but he had told himself that the jackpot was going to be his.
“Now I will be able to kick start the distribution company I have been planning.
It is a dream come true,” he said.
The blessed winner went on to advise all readers to activate their lucky numbers. “This thing is for real, and you never know when your day will come. Just trust in God and don’t give up,” he added.
The rollover jackpot now starts again with P5000 up for grabs this week. Don’t miss out – check out your number printed on this page, and follow the simple instructions to activate it NOW!



A week earlier she asked her church to pray for her as she was struggling to feed and clothe her three children. A week later she stood in front of the congregation crying tears of joy as God had prayers their prayers.

Grateful: Madume Molefe

“It’s like a miracle, I still can’t believe that I have P1000 in my pocket that I will use to buy food and clothes for my children. God is great,’’ said an elated MadumeMolefe, last week’s winner of our lucky newspaper promotion.

To add cherry on top of the cake, Molefe only spent P3 to win her jackpot at it was her first time to enter the competition.

“Now that I have won I will enter the competition every week with the hope of winning the bigger jackpot one day. I have faith that heavens will smile on me again very soon,’’ said the 41 year old woman from Booka.

Molefe who goes to the Full Gospel Ministries Church is unemployed and survives buy doing piece jobs.

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Gatwe dilo tse tsa lotto ke maaka tse,gatwe madi a ba a neelwa a bo ba boa ba a busa,ahh.

Lamour 72

The voice le yone e rata go gwadjisa too much,AO!!!!!!!!!!