I have a big problem with some franchises and restaurants in town. The question is always whether they are worth the time and money we spend on them.
So, I am dedicating a couple of editions this winter to closely look at the value and pleasure we get from these places.  It is clear that we, the customers, might not understand the whole concept of excellent customer value-add. This my departing point, I always get so amazed how the owners of these places seem to detached from what actually matters.
Let’s look at an establishment such as Bull n Bush. It is a lovely place to visit during the week. However, come Thursday, the place turns into frenzy and it actually changes the tone, look and feel. It suddenly becomes a complete nightmare for loyal customers. I fail to understand their strategic intent.  For some reason I feel that your upper middle income earners and young working adults will soon loose interest in frequenting a place that becomes infested with children, literally.
But then again there could be a strategy in place that the owners know. However, if you are a looking for a relaxed night out with family or friends on a Friday night, you will be wasting your valuable time and money. For this reason, I personally think you better avoid it. If on the other hand you, if you do not mind paying anything from Bwp50 to Bwp100 on entrance fee, loud music and delinquent kids who puke all over toilets then this is your place.
Whilst we are at it, I believe that anyplace that charges entrance fee before the kitchen restaurant closes leaves a lot to be desired. I will be looking carefully as to who and who doesn’t pay the entrance fee.  For some reason Batswana are slowly remaining me of the apartheid era.
Do not just take my word for it, go out there and experience it for yourself, remember one men’s meat is another mens’ poison. It is your money after all.
Moving on, the only other time I do proper groceries is during the weekend only to be turned–off by the driving around looking for parking at Game City Mall. It is strategically located and very ideal as it has almost every convenience but the construction work going on there makes it a bit complicated to manoeuvre around. I guess I might just be impatient, but then again I am entitled to make a judgement about where I spend. It is my money after all.

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money matters, some pictures would be nice tlhe batho e.g. tsa Bull & Bush and Game City