Alpha Direct Insurance Chief Executive Officer Arun Iyer has denied claims that his company abandoned Palapye disabled children after a promised party failed to take off.

“We did everything we were supposed to do and had best intentions but the middleman messed it up,” he said.

Last week, Leoky Bogatsu, founder and coordinator of Kopano Rehabilitation Foundation, told of how they fell out with the insurance company after they insisted that it was too late to cook the planned Christmas feast.

The company’s officials are said to have insisted on the cooking and returned the food to Choppies and loaded gifts and drove off when that didn’t happen.

Bogatsu lamented about the losses they incurred in preparation to mobilise the disabled for the party and other logistics.

Iyer however refuted Bogatsu’s claims. “They wanted the money for themselves and when they didn’t get it they decided to send us away. They are cruel and don’t have hearts. Giving is part of our culture at Alpha Direct and we will continue to do so,” he said.

He further said they arrived in Palapye to find nothing was done by the organisers of the party.

“We even had to go and pick up the food from Choppies ourselves even though we had long made arrangements. When we suggested that we should do a dinner instead, they told us they were not interested. They are very unprofessional. They told me I must go back to India,” he added.

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The food and the gifts should have been left for the children stop your excuses Alpha about this " MiddleMan" The party should have been started


thats really embarassment i think they could have atleast left the food for the kids,these peoples alpha wot wot must lead by example,i wish i could get lotto jackpot so that i can do the party for them myself


Seems like everyone does not know what they are doing -Very bad organisation and everyone is pointing fingers.For crying out loud get the party started for the children and take the gifts and the food back .if the food and gifts are not taken back is there anyone out there that can do a good job and BRING A SMILE BACK TO THE CHILDREN. If there is anyone who can offer their services for free to provide free music , pick up the phone and contact the writer of this article or visit the newspapers office

Concerned Citizen

Makula ba itse go okisa batho ka di dijonyana in order to make them inferior and submisive….why are you still on Botswana then cause it seems you were rightly advised


The diplomatic thing would have been to leave the food and the gifts for the children even if one is having a disagreement – this is all about the children and they must have been looking forward to the party