If there is one politician who is difficult to understand,it is the Kanye North Member of Parliament Kentse Rammidi.


After going out on a rampage and telling all and sundry that he does not want the compromise model proposed by President Khama, he went on and accepted the nomination of being BDP Secretary General.It was quite shocking for a man who resigned from cabinet to show how serious he was.Well it has been rumoured that despite shedding tears for his party during the Tonota byeelections Rammidi is not in President Khama’s good books.It was not a surprise when the MP found comfort from his departed comrades at BMD. He was amongst the few notable eople in attendance at BMD rally in G-West; in fact the MP looked too comfortable. Nchi what are you up to?…!


New recruit to the fast growing BDP’s breakaway party BMD, Haskins Nkayigwa still has Domkrag hangover. The outspoken Deputy Mayor became


alaughing stock at the recent BMD rally in Gaborone West. Instead of echoing the party slogan of Shapa BMD Shapa, the former BDP         man went back to his old slogan of Tsholetsa, sending hundreds of people into fits of laughter. This could be bad indication on the politician, he might be wearing orange, but he is truly red inside.



Jazz artist Shanti Lo who is currently in Sweden where he has staged a couple of shows believes that in a few years Botswana could be host to a gay show.

The singer has been invited to one of Europe’s gay events dubbed the ‘Pride’. During an interview with Tv4play Shanti said the laws of Botswana allows for freedom of opinion and association and see no reason why a gay show cannot be staged.

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Government can not allow a gay show or maybe……but anyway why did they invite Shanti Lo to a gay show or is there something we need to know.


Botswana does not allow these disgusting things. Shanti Lo nnela ruri gone koo and enjoy the gay rights


Aoo, Haskins wa modimo bathong…Gotaa siama comrade


This guy should do smthng about himself, how on earth do you think of gay shows in bots. i think somebody who speaks like him should be locked up.


motho yo o ta bona a ba icheipela, gongwe o ta bona jeo gone koo.

lesh kelly

Rammidi is a chameleon.


Shanti lo o jola le mang banna?


Mo Botswana di Gay ke bothodi,phokoje nngwe le nngwe ee leng gay ya thola, fa o bona pula egana le gona jaana. a nnele ruri gone koo gaysburg, ka gore kwano re ra shimega, kana ha nne bogwera le bojale bo patelediwa naa tlaa ya ka ka e? Motho yoo mmonang ka catwalk, le di handbag,