BDP and BCP councillors in DIS torture threats saga

An Old Naledi councillor is not amused. His cause for concern is that he has been told in a full council meeting that the Directorate of Intelligence Service (DIS) agents will be called to torture him.

This has not gone well with Oarabile Motlaleng, 35, the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) councillor of Old Naledi, who is still recovering from the trauma and physical injuries he reportedly sustained in a vicious attack in the run up to last year’s elections.

But, specially elected councilor MacDonald Peloetletse, 50, who uttered the statement and retracted it, says Motlaleng is just attention seeking.

Furious at the callous remarks, and despite Peloetletse withdrawing his comments and apologising, Motlaleng stormed out of the council chambers to report the matter to the police.


He was warned not to report the matter because it was an internal issue.

“What if someone insults the president during council proceedings? Will the matter not be reported to the police because it is internal?” he asked furiously.

Expressing his shock at Peloetletse’s cruel taunt, a distressed Motlaleng said, “I live in fear since I was attacked by those agents. Police are still investigating to find out who my assailants are and Peloetletse should help them in their investigations because he seems to know who tortured me.

“He made it clear he will call the DIS to torture me again. This is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with.”

Whilst the identity of his assailants has never been discovered, Motlaleng is convinced that DIS agents were responsible for his traumatic ordeal.

Motlaleng was allegedly kidnapped from his house by two men and a woman, repeatedly electrocuted and then dumped naked in a trench opposite his house.

However, whilst Peloetletse admitted making the remarks, he explained that they were made as a joke and not intended to cause offence.

The BDP councillor added that Motlaleng was being melodramatic and completely over-reacting, saying, “He likes attention and publicity. I was calling him to order and to stop accusing the DIS of torturing him when everyone knows that he was beaten by a man in Old Naledi after he found Motlaleng sleeping with his wife.”

Peloetletse continued, “Why should security agents go after him? I would understand if it was Taolo Lucas or Dumelang Saleshando; leaders of his party. He interrupted me while I was making a comment and I jokingly said I will call the DIS. Other councillors always tease him like that,” said Peloetletse.

To this Motlaleng responded: “If at all he has proof that I was attacked while sleeping with another man’s wife, why can’t he give that information to the police. That is not true. I was kidnapped and assaulted by two men and a woman. They demanded the party’s data base code and when I refused, they tortured me until I lost consciousness.” He replied.

Mayor Thutlwe confirmed the incident, but expressed surprise that the issue had got this far, as Peloetletse retracted the statement.

“I advised Peloetletse and other councillors never to joke about such serious matters because they have emotional implications,” said the Mayor.

This incident arose when Gaborone Mayor, Kagiso Thutlwe, announced that the old abattoir refuse would now be used for recycling.

BDP councillor, MacDonald Peloetletse supported the idea, but when Motlaleng interrupted him, saying he was not consulted as ward councillor, Peloetletse menacingly replied, “Wena Motlaleng, re tla go biletsa ma DIS batle go go patisa gape”, meaning “we will call the DIS to torture you again.”

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