Waar ws jy wars

It doesn’t sit well with Shaya when two friends drift apart, well in this case three.

Information gathered by Yours Truly indicates there is trouble in paradise between our promoters over the popular Waar ws jy events.

Shaya has been told that promoter Lecco Kenosi is upset with his partners after they reportedly refused to use his mentor, 999 Stable’s, Arthur Mafokate to headline their next event.

Shaya has been told that out of frustration, Lecco went and double-crossed his two partners, using their sponsors for a similar event, expected to be hosted next weekend.

The angry duo told Shaya that they actually roped in Lecco as they were engaged on other business.

Apparently the brother seems hell-bent on pushing them out and taking control of the brand.

Come-on gents, sort out your differences, there is enough pie for everyone.