BMW Volleyball Splash that has been sponsored to a tune of P300 000 over two years will tomorrow begin in Francistown’s Area ‘S’ grounds. 
This is the third consecutive year that Capital Motors, through their BMW brand, have sponsored volleyball.
Announcing the new deal, Capital Motors Sales Manager Michael Masunga, revealed that they have had a healthy relationship over the past two years. ‘’We are happy to be associated with volleyball and especially its development. We have seen local talent improve which is really what should happen in a partnership. We have also seen volleyball making strides in the international arena. We have seen Botswana being ranked among the top 10 African countries. There are also two professional players based in Algeria which is quite good because they are also part of the national team,’’ Masunga said when renewing their vows with volleyball.
Masunga said they were happy that the winning clubs in the BMW tournament qualified for a place in the continental competitions. In the past two years both representatives did tremendously well being champions, runner-ups and this means whichever team goes into the continent will have to up their game. ‘’We can only hope that this year’s champions won’t disappoint as they represent the country. The stage has already been set high.  I can only urge the powers that be to consider turning professional so that the clubs can attract more sponsors,” Masunga said and challenged volleyball to continue branding themselves.
Volleyball Vice President, Godfrey Mudongo urged members of the community to support businesses that support sport like BMW. ‘’Purchasing just one of the best BMW makes will make it easier for us when we seek sponsorship. We have also maintained a good relation with the media which has given the game and our partners the necessary mileage and support,’’ Mudongo said.
The playing format for this year will be a round-robin with the best teams from last year being seeded. While the first stage will be this weekend the second will be played on the 28-29 weekend at Thebephatshwa. The finals will be played on the first weekend of September at a venue to be announced. There will also be individual awards like best attacker, setter, blocker, receiver and all these will be selected from the quarter final stage.
There will be 16 teams from the men category divided into four pools while the women will see two groups of six and five with the three top advancing to the next stage.

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