Voice on Fashion by the Khoi Fro
Voice on Fashion by the Khoi Fro

Style Agenda-

Trends and fashion duds to get this year!

With fashion for 2018, expect the unexpected! Over the holidays I travelled outside to attend the Afro Punk festival.

To my fashion forecasting expertise, Afro Punk set the mood in terms of fashion, music and stylish trends to have in our radar this year!

One thing I can say about fashion this year taking a style cue out of Afro Punk festival is, fearless, sophisticated and proud of our fashion choices!

From wearing red, to donning glittery boots, and having our hair like a mini garden, there is a lot of fun, and bold choices to go for this year.

Those shorts that you have been shy to don, take them out, marvel in them.

That vintage denim or that outfit that you have kept all these years tucked in your closet, now is the time to stand out!

I love many of these trends because you don’t need to buy these items to follow them! You just need to pair them, and adapt the trends you like the most from your own wardrobe.

2018, is all about supporting your own, so I am putting all my money in supporting local businesses and muses in the fashion and lifestyle sphere this year!

With a knack for sophistication and flair, Tshepano Dihentse, owner of the fashion boutique The StyleBook – SB, now turned timepiece and shades designer under her DeHandzDE brand shows us how to step in your flair and wear this season’s hottest must haves!

Tassel earrings, fanny packs, beaded head gear, kimonos two piece, art fashion pairing, tapered hair, tinted hair, oversized flair, vintage, shaved hair, chandelier earrings, afros, boots with socks, mini purses, these are some of the show stopping fashion duds you can don or accessorize with, to be the style maven that you are!

Update your bag collection with holding “close to nothing” mini purses or go for the fanny pack to go hands free! So which of these trends are you going to rock and which ones are you going to leave behind?

Send me an email at [email protected]! Happy New Year, I wish you all fashion lovers a prosperous and stylish new year!

Follow Tshepano Dihentse on facebook at TheStylebook –SB, and instagram @ tshepanod


Photography | Allen Case of Caption Harp

Style Blazer | Tshepano Dihentse (The StyleBook – SB)

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