We were invited to a gatshy event this past weekend, the X’s & O’s Absolut Vintage.

The aim was to look Oldie but goldie! What an exciting event.

The event, nicely packed saw mostly hits and some few misses for this vintage inspired execution.

This is an interesting fashion wave we love to touch on. Vintage! We have always gravitated and fell in love with the history behind a piece of clothing.

Vintage pieces tell a story, they are usually more ornate and interesting than today’s mass-produced products.

The perception of what vintage is among young people may be baffling hence vintage is a world-wide misunderstood “trend”.

Those who know what vintage is know that it’s not just a yester-year piece of clothing.

The term vintage is used to describe clothing between 20 and 100 years old which is clearly representative of the era in which it was originally produced.

Nowadays sellers loosely use the word “Vintage” to refer to clothes that are even 5 years old or second-hand clothes, which is inappropriate.

The word retro (retrospective) means looking back, which in fashion is imitating the style of a past time not necessarily meaning that they are old clothes.

This is what’s in now and what people often mistake as vintage.  But before you label the next girl you see sporting an umbrella skirt as a “granny” , “hipster or poser”, consider the historical implications that the outfit holds.

We have been for vintage inspired clothes because there is an increasing interest in environmental sustainability expressing itself in terms of recycling, reusing or repairing rather than simply throwing old garments away.

Vintage is environmentally friendly because it is a recycled product.

Now that we have cleared up what vintage is, back to the event-  we must add on that It really is a “fashion yes-yes” to see more of such events which have the same vision as us. Bravo to the organizers.

Here are some our favorite gatshy looks we snapped.

Go green, go vintage!

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GaTshy VINTAGE dictionary

  • Antique clothing refers to any garment that pre-date 1920 (the nineteenth century; the Belle Époque era).
  • Vintage is anything that dates after 1920 and up to the mid 1980s.
  • Retro mainly refers to Sixties and Seventies casual wear.
  • Recycled (secondhand) is anything post early Eighties not strictly vintage clothing in the generic sense of the word.
  • Vintage fashion is about creating a look which suggests creativity and imagination, so get out there, start looking and dare to be different!