The Village Disaster Management Committee is racing against time to help close to 300 families hard hit by the recent flooding in Gweta village.

According to the Committee Chairman, Ledule Baraki, from the 292 families who sent out an SOS, only 200 have been assessed. “The situation is really bad. We have about 151 people who are homeless,” he said.

Baraki said 151 people from 23 families are currently accommodated at Gweta Brigades. “We need more tents. We are appealing to anyone to help because the ones provide by Red Cross are not enough,” Baraki said.

He further said they have recorded 175 incidents of collapsed houses and a number of goats and chickens that are unaccounted for. “Something urgently needs to be done in this village, the Roads Department particularly needs to act and find a lasting solution to this flood problem because we all believe they are caused by a badly designed road,” he said.

Baraki further said although Water Utilities have said the water in the village is safe to consume, he’s not convinced. “If we had the means to engage private professionals we’d do so. Chances of water pollution are very high, but we have no choice but to take what WUC is saying,” he added begrudgingly.

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