Village kgosi drags BDP councillor to court
BDP COUNCILLOR: Kabo Ketshogile

A Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor has been slapped with a P750, 000 lawsuit by a village Kgosi after an altercation between the two last year.

Lerala village Kgosi, Molebatsi Moroka claims BDP councillor Kabo Ketshogile assaulted him at a Kgotla meeting on 9 August 2016.

Moroka is also suing the BDP man, who is the councillor for Lerala East, for defamation of character.

The case is before Lobatse High Court Judge, Kabelo Lebotse, who revealed he would deliver a judgement on November 29.

Village kgosi drags BDP councillor to court
SEEKING COMPENSATION: Kgosi Moroka in court

According to court papers, Moroka is accusing Ketshogile of ‘assaulting him’ by charging toward him aggressively and pointing a finger at him.

“The Defendant’s (Ketshogile) assault on the Plaintiff caused the Plaintiff (Morake) to lose dignity and respect. The plaintiff therefore is entitled to claim damages from the defendant for loss of dignity and respect in the sum of P150, 000,” reads the court document, which makes no mention of a physical attack.

During the incident, the Kgosi claims Ketshogile uttered the following statement towards him, “What you are doing is tribalism, and you are a tribalist. You want to implement only your wishes but I am not afraid of you.”

Moroka believes this statement is defamatory and is seeking P600, 000 worth of damages.

For his part, Ketshogile denied the allegations against him.

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