CONVICTS: Matome and Nchindo

Public reaction to guilty verdict in Nchindo and Matome case
Garvas Nchindo and Joseph Matome are now languishing in prison after kissing goodbye to their freedom on Monday as they were found guilty of fraud and corruption.
The two are due to find out how long they will be detained at the government’s pleasure on 27 October when former Gaborone Regional Magistrate, who will soon be joining the High Court, Lot Moroka delivers his sentence.
The high-profile case involving fraudulent land dealings attracted the public and media attention as it involved one of the country’s prominent citizens, the late Debswana MD, Louis Nchindo, with former president Festus Mogae and some members of his cabinet called in to testify.
Now that judgement has been passed how do people feel about it and the country’s judicial system? Dubani wa Dubani took to the streets of Gaborone to find out.

Keith Ngulube

“I am thankful that justice has been done because I do not support corruption in whatever form. Those in positions of power should pay for the abuse of trust bestowed on them to manage resources on behalf of the nation. Punishing people for corruption will improve corporate governance at all levels and save our economy from greedy people who abuse their positions of authority.  And to me the Nchindo case is a sign of the rot that is there in our society. More investigations should be done to bring others who have benefited from economic crime to book.”

Letlhogonolo Ntshole

Letlhogonolo Ntshole.
“Lot Moroka’s decision in this case should be a signal to those with plans or are already involved in economic crime, to mend their ways before it’s too late. Corruption is a disease that needs to be cured before it tears our economy apart. I hope other magistrates will take a cue from Moroka and sentence without fear or favour those found guilty of cheating the nation. This is the only way forward for Botswana.”

Bonnie Tapela

Bonnie Tapela
“It is a brave decision that should be celebrated by all who are against economic crime. We are tired of cover-ups that protect those who abuse public offices for their own benefit at the expense of the nation. This has been done for a long time under the misguided pretext of protecting the good image of our country. The powerful and their associates should be punished like any other citizens when they break the law.”

Baroma Pelane

Baroma Pelane
“Anybody who abuses a position of responsibility should be punished. Even the Bible says those who commit crimes should be punished as long as there is evidence that they broke the law. Corruption is killing our economy and society and its perpetrators should be punished accordingly. This will make people think twice before they use their positions of responsibility and power to enrich themselves, their families and friends. We are fed up with people robbing the nation and getting away with it.”

Jane Motlogelwa

“Moroka should be celebrated by all who are against economic crime. The fact that former minister Jacob Nkate was not truthful in his testimony suggests that there is a lot of rot in the corridors of power. That should be curbed to save our country from people who abuse their office. The only way to achieve this is to bring such people before the court, and if guilty lock them in prison and throw away the keys.”

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The law should not spare the guilty…irregardless of the socio-economic standing

Chris M

A good day for Botswana’s justice system and a wake up call for the criminals in our midts no matter how big they are! I enjoyed reading those views from fellow citizens in the street! Unanimous against crime! Enough is enough!

Chris M

The sentence should be fitting to act as a clear deterrent too! A slap on the wrist will not do! Welldone the prosecution and Mr Moroka! Why did it have to take so long though? How much did it cost the tax payer to ultimately get here? Lessons should be learnt from that! It should not have taken that long! Did Mr Nkate commit perjury? Is he indictable over that?


Not bad.we will wait and see but there is something missing in this picture.i am not comfortable with guilty people dodging the bullet as state witnesses.prosecutors must pull up their socks.


thanx Lot,you deserve that new post,you have done a LOT for this country,let them go to jail,tota ke eng one osa re laele ka wa Fridge,legale o tla gakolola.


the same laws and purnishments should apply also to ministers…not only those who’s fathers ones nearly expose the govment….


Let this be a lesson to would be criminals & those already involved in shady deals & i suspect we have many such cases in Botswana. This country can easily become Switzerland of Africa. God has blessed us with minerals & we have a small population, we shouldn’t be having cases of dirt poverty like the one of starving granny with 24 children. It was a sad day for Botswana to learn on how Louis Nchindo has overtime frustrated the grownth of our diamond industry for his selfish ends and i only wish he was around to face this verdict.… Read more »


Big Up!! Moroka, am wondering why other migistrates can’t be like you. You are a real hero and i think you will continue to fight for this country surrounded by vultures who want nothing for the people and country but only their families.

If this law was to apply to ministers and their families then this country would go somewhere. O bona yoo wa fridge ene one a batla wena, since you are the only migistrate who knows his duties.

God bless you!!!!

Go tla siama

Go molemo e bile go a lebosega fa le bo rra madi bakgona go nna mapantiti thats whn thy wil realise gore ga gona ope o tsholetsweng go ya toronkong mang le mang o against the law o a tsena,,,o na le madi le fa o sena madi o a tsena as long as o dirile molato. i love you moroka you deserve a salute from all corners of this country,,go latela wa fridge le ba bangwe fela jalo.

the die hard

like father like son! fill like dancing wit my father again! growing up form a rich family, father gets connected in economic crime, u watch and inherit all the wealth, know that u inherit even the devil’s wills!

Well done Moroka!i salute u!, u are the man and u shud be celebrated for such a brave duty!
well done. Bakwena ba go sireletse!

First case of its kind, Celebrate our President, its because of him such that this crimes come out!viva Khama!


Dikgang tsago tshwana letse le seka lane le tsaya malope a madomkrag go akgela mogo tsone, le wena the die hard stop making noise kaboKhama. Ga ele gore Batswana ba kabo ba bulegile matlho, ba kabo sala kgang yaga Ramadeluka Seretse morago, ene e bile o molato oo motona ka gore one ale mo maemong ae leng gore one a tshwanetse go kabo a emetse tsheko ko toronkong. Jaanong gale tloga ke nywee nywee nywee viva Khama. Lea re tena man!