With only five days left before the much anticipated Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Presidential election, President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s challenger, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, today accused her opponents of fraud.

Moitoi who mentioned that she is currently in talks with her lawyer, Dick Bayford, told a press briefing that she is seriously considering whether or not to go ahead with the presidential election.

When briefing the media this afternoon, Moitoi said “When you say an election is rigged, you are not talking about people taking ballot boxes and so forth, you are talking about the whole process from when a delegation is refused to register.”

Moitoi further stressed “This is an election that was rigged from day one.”

The Serowe South Member of Parliament further said “I am now put in a situation where I ask myself serious questions. It is clear and you don’t need to be a mathematician to know what is happening. I am not about to convince myself now that this election is going to run any different on the day as things are happening.”

“I have briefed my lawyers, I know days are passing, the hours are going, but for me the moment doesn’t pass until it comes. We cannot legitimize fraud,” Moitoi said making the shock statement and refusing to explain further.

Moitoi also decried intimidation of her supporters by her opponent noting that there have been incidents where her supporter have been summoned to the state house to meet President Masisi.

Stressing unfair tactic by the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), Moitoi said she had tried and failed to secure accommodation for her supporters ahead of the Kang congress.

Moitoi who has made history by challenging a sitting president, claims that the BDP instructed the lodges she had pre-booked with to give her back her money.

“Kang does not have many hotels, we were told that all hotels were fully booked. I went to Kang and searched around until I found two places that had an opening and paid for them. I paid for eight rooms at one of the hotels and at another I managed to book the whole hotel and I paid them,” Motioi said.

The BDP Presidential hopeful claims “I needed more space for my supporters and I rented a small farm nearby. Last week I was told that the hotel had returned my money because ‘BDP said we should return your money’. About the farm, I have just been told that some Central Committee member has gone to the farm and changed padlocks and locked the farm. She did this whilst the truck with tents for my supporters was parked outside .”

The BDP Presidential election is set for this weekend in Kang.

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