Vee's Verbal Diarrhoea
Vee Mampeezy

Shaya is very proud of what Vee has achieved as an artist.

The Kwaito-Kwasa star has long established himself as one of the biggest names in the local music industry – however, sometimes his actions can be less than professional!

During his video premiere at CBD last week, with the eyes of the country’s media firmly on him, the pint-sized singer spoke of things that are not for public consumption.

You have to know the difference between Black Money Makers and Universal Records.

Going on and on talking of how you got special preference over Kelly Khumalo and how Trade Mark used to take girls along during the tour is not Ayoba my man.

Don’t get too excited and mess what could be a big breakthrough for you.

Maybe it is time you engaged a PR person to guide you on what to say and what to keep to yourself!

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