Vee’s P21 000 baby stroller breaks the net
BIG SPENDER: Odirile Vee Sento

Local Kwaito superstar, Odirile Vee Sento has broken the net with his social media post, which sought to clarify that his baby’s stroller is worth P21 000 and not P10 000 as previously reported.

Last week The Voice reported that the pint-sized musician had spent P10 000 on a stroller similar to one used by international and regional celebrities to which he posted on Facebook: “Let me correct something, this costed P21, 000 not 10k”

This led to a viral response on his official Facebook page, with readers lambasting the superstar for what many viewed as a conceited comment. Many, like a reader who blasted him for the wrong past tense of cost suggested that Vee could have put the money to better use, like tuition fee for example.

One user, Natalie Mmereki, said, “It’s a very beautiful stroller but somehow you stooped just way too low to tell its exact cost. Hau ndoda”

Another user, Rupesh Nthoiwa, posted: “ On a serious note hanne oka thusa Abby (if you could help Abby) …the little girl who is being treated for cancer at least pay outstanding balance.”

Cutwie Nunuberry, remarked: “You should have given that money to your dancers. They are the ones making you who you are today, I mean it could have been their bonus while you bought a reasonably priced stroller at Game stores, just saying if you really wanted to show us how best you are.”

However, some of Vee’s die hard fans were quick to jump to his defense with one, Keith Ndabeinhle, commenting: “I think if he can afford it, why should we be the ones to hate. The happiness of being a parent can never be sufficiently expressed by splashing cash, but spending and investing on your little one is the closest one will ever get to it, so big up Vee, we hope you buy him or her a house next”

Another fan, Zanele Gee, wrote; “It’s the money you chose to spend on him to entertain you… So let him choose what he uses it for and quit complaining.”

Pops Ndiri who commented echoed these sentiments; “God’s blessings, it’s your money, you work hard therefore your wife and kids deserve the best.”

Contacted for a comment Vee said he did not post the amendment of the price in order to flaunt his wealth but to clarify the inaccuracy.

“I was not trying to discourage people but to rather encourage them. I used to wash cars for a living but now I can afford stuff like this [baby stroller] which shows that it doesn’t matter where you start but where you end,” he said

When probed on what he would say to his detractors on Facebook, he remarked; “They need to understand that I am a public figure. There is no reason to boast. I post stuff to inspire and make sure some people become even better than me.”

The stroller in question is a Mima Xari model which prides itself in creating innovative and luxurious designs for infants. Owners of the stroller include international celebrities, Beyonce and Koutney Kardashian. Regional celebrities, Zinhle and Nonhle Ndala are also said to own them. The model is currently sold out on Amazon but retails for between $850 – $1500 depending on accessories.