Miss Universe Botswana

Single, good-looking and intelligent
For a year, young and beautiful Tirelo Ramasedi has been reigning Miss Universe Botswana, a title which saw her travelling to Las Vegas in America with the hope of bringing the coveted crown home for the second time. Although that was not be, Ramasedi says her journey as a beauty queen has been well travelled. And as days draw nearer for her to hand over the crown to her successor she says it’s something that she will do with pride as she has no doubt she executed her role to the best of her abilities. We sat down with the gorgeous queen over a cappuccino as she shared her experiences as Miss Universe Botswana.

Q. Miss Universe was not the first beauty pageant that you contested in as in 2009 you were vying for the Miss Botswana title, who or what gave you the confidence and that fighting spirit?
I am a very confident individual who believes in herself and don’t easily give up. I also know that I am beautiful and have what it takes to be a beauty queen hence I did not throw in the towel when I did not win in Miss Botswana (though she was in the top 5).

Q. Do you come from a family of beauty queens or you are the first one in your family to hold such a title?
Although I am the first to be crowned a beauty queen I come from a family blessed with good genes and beauty. It is also the same with my extended family and I am told my late aunt was also into beauty pageants.

Q. It’s only a matter of weeks before you hand over the crown, how does that make you feel and what will you miss most?
I feel a little bit sad because will miss the pampering that comes with being a beauty queen, imagine I have had people dressing me up, carrying my bag and buckling my shoes (laughs), things which I would not have experienced if it wasn’t for holding the title. But on a serious note I won’t miss anything that much in terms of projects that I have been doing because I will continue doing them until 2016.

Q. What are some of those projects?
I am working closely with the office of people living with disabilities in the Office of the President to raise awareness on the issues that affect them (people with disabilities) and trying to find ways of making Botswana a better place for them so they can also realize their potential.

Q. Scouting for your successor is due to start, how will you be involved in the process?
I will be there to groom the girls and to give advice where necessary.

Q. What are some of the qualities needed to be Miss Universe?
Besides beauty, one needs to be confident, humble, knowledgeable not only about Botswana but the entire universe, loving and willing to work with people from all social background

Q. How did being Miss Universe change the way you look at life and your country, if at all it did?
I now appreciate life more than ever before and have fully realised that anything is possible as long you put your mind to it and believe in yourself, as for my country I have learnt to appreciate it and its peaceful environment which many people in the world long for.

Q. What about your social life, how was it changed by the crown, sure you started having a long line of admirers?
Not at all, that did not happen, guess it’s because I am a very reserved person and like keeping to myself.

Q. How about the man in your life, didn’t he feel threatened by the fact that he was a dating a beauty queen?
I am very single, I don’t think I have time for dating, before Miss Universe I was a student at the University of Botswana so spent my time concentrating on my studies, I am going back to school to finish my degree in Computer and Information System so I can graduate, but I am looking forward to meeting Mr Right one day.

Q. Are there any doors that opened up for you just because you were (are) Miss Universe?
Not yet but so far it presented me with opportunities to meet people that I never I would ever see in real life like the founder of Miss Universe, Donald Trump, quite an interesting and inspirational man. I now have a wider network and I am sure that will get me somewhere.

Q. You were hosting talk shows recently, tell us about them?
I did three talk shows starting last year to commemorate 16 days of activism and the last one that I did was for valentine’s days where we were talking about general issues and relationships. These talk shows were sponsored by the American Embassy and we hope they will be soon be aired on television.

Beauty with a cause- Tirelo Ramasedi

Q. Life after Miss Universe, what are your plans?
I will be going back to UB to finish my degree and hopefully get a job afterwards to gain experience and there after start my own company. I believe in being an employer and not employee.

Q. Lastly, your advice to other young girls who wish to follow in your footsteps
They must believe in themselves and must know that beauty can present a platform to achieve dreams. They must also love people and nature and always thrive to make better changes in society.

Fact file

Full names– Tirelo Ramsedi
Date of birth– January 24, 1989
Place of birth– Gaborone
Marital status– Single
Car driving– BMW 1 Series
Prized possession– her car which was a 21st birthday present from her parents and necklace given by her sister
Favourite food– Nothing specific
Holiday destination– Any place that has beach
Last thing she does before sleeping– reading the Bible
Past time– Going to the gym, spending quality time alone and going to the cattle post
If you were to spend a week in an island who would you want to be with– Barrack Obama or Nelson Mandela

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damn u r so cute le nna ke sonyane


Go riana we hv bin single without knowing that there is someone lyk you Tirelo who is waiting for us bt re tla kopana neh


looks like we have something in common Mrs Universe, i mean le nna i am looking forward to starting my own company so far my starting capital ke P70 000..ke batla motho or rather batho ba ba tshwanang le wena jaana. who knows gongwe i’l turn out to be ur “mr right” because i’d love to…

moroba ke o borra..le tsoga le re ga le a o bona..ke o tsere..


Eagle is hereby asking for your cell nummer and your e-mail address T-girl so that we can communicate and eventually get to know what we have in common…..Eagle want to let you know that o ratwa ratwiratwi, that you have all what it takes to be a queen.. Eagle, when he thinks of you , he put sugar into meat and salt into tea. You are the butter of Eagle’s bread babe. Itseele nonyane ya lewapi ke eo mama. -LOVING EAGLE-

@ eagle..a ko o iketle mona..ke mo tsere ebile..


Muamur gadhafi , re ka mpa ra ruthana ka mabole! Ngwana yo montle like this!!!!!!!!! She is mine

mis o

all the best bbz,wish i were lyk u!!i’m lukin 4 mod kenosi wher ar u?